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White Collar Shirt + Vintage Silk Scarf

I'm so happy we're getting closer and closer to spring, I've been counting the days one by one! If you live in or around New Jersey you know how desperate we are for warmer weather! I'm so happy there have been days where I've been to ditch my coat or heave cardigan. Lately, I haven't had the chance to really shop for spring yet, so I've been utilizing my favorite basics and adding a twist!

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Vintage Coat + Pops of Burgundy

Happy Wednesday! We're almost through this week and getting even closer to Thanksgiving. Who's ready to stuff their faces with delicious food? I know I am! So lately I've been getting all of my fall / winter coats out from hiding. I've been pretty lucky to find modern looking vintage coats in the past few years, especially the one I'm wearing here.

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