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How to layer your clothes like a pro

Even though we're currently experiencing record high temperatures in December I've been bracing myself for the inevitable drop. When it starts to get really cold out I absolutely rely on layers to keep myself warm. If I'm not somewhat layered up, I end up looking and feeling like an icicle frozen in place! While this type of styling comes natural to me, it's not easy for others and so I wanted to share with you some tips on how to layer like a pro this season!

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How to dress for cold weather

Whether we like it or not, it's about to get really really cold in the next few weeks here on the east coast! These photos makes me laugh because I look so calm and collected, but it was so incredibly cold out while shooting this outfit! Thankfully my layers and giant scarf helped keep me warm, otherwise I would have turned into an ice sculpture on the spot! As the temperatures begin to drop substantially, it's time to get really creative on how to dress and stay stylish in the cold. So I wanted to share with you  five of my style tips for cold weather dressing!

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