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How to wear vintage: The Layered Look

As we head into mid-December the temperatures are continuing to drop and the need to dress in lots of layers is significantly increasing. I’m not a fan of cold weather so the more clothes to keep me warm, the better! I believe wholeheartedly that the start of a great layered look begins with a crisp white button down shirt. It makes for a great foundation so you’re able to add on a sweater, and jacket, a scarf, or whatever your heart desires! 

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How to wear vintage: One brooch, two ways

I have to admit, I own A LOT of vintage brooches. If you're an avid vintage shopper like me I'm sure you've picked up a few brooches for the hell of it but have done nothing with them! This past weekend I started organizing my jewelry and I realized that my brooch collection has grown substantially! I mean they are really pretty, some simple and some ornate but I've liked staring at them more than I've liked wearing them lately so I needed to find a few good uses! 

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