Real Talk: Why I've Decided to Rebrand the Blog

Huge news you guys, I've decided to rebrand Labels and Vintage. This decision was months and months in the making. I've gone back and forth on it for so long but now I've decide to take the plunge and share the new site direction with you.

Here's the deal...

I had the idea of starting Labels and Vintage back when I graduated college which was a whopping FIVE years ago (yeah, you can say I've changed quite a bit since then)! When I created the blog name "Labels and Vintage" there was a huge trend in the blogging community to have a catchy name encompassing two of your favorite things. Looking back, I wish I would have thought more into the future about whether my blog name would grow with me. Don't get me wrong, I still love fashion and vintage but my blog name doesn't represent who I am fully, so I've decided to transition to my personal name Alexandria Haddad.

Why am I Rebranding?

I want to write content outside of just style and vintage and my I feel like my blog name has been confining me a bit. For example, I've already started to write about motherhood which is a new life stage I'm entering and It's a topic I'm very excited about. However, my blog name just doesn't coincide with some topics I'd love to talk about like motherhood, fitness, decor, and wellness. I feel like I accidentally boxed myself out of certain content. Also, I want my blog to feel more personal and give me the ability to connect with my readership on a more authentic level. I truly believe using my name will help me accomplish this goal!

What will Change? 

There will be no huge changes except my domain name will now be, however, if you type in it will redirect you to the new site automatically. I will be updating the site's logo to Alexandria Haddad and moving all social media accounts to my  personal name. Additionally I will be making small site design improvements over time (since I'll be a little busy with our newborn coming any day now)! As for content, you can expect the same content but I will be adding in more topics like fitness, wellness, decor, motherhood, travel, and video!

What will happen to Labels and Vintage?

So I wrote a post recently about my decision to start an online vintage shop, so labels and vintage technically will still be used over on I'm so excited to keep using the name that I created all those years ago in a brand new way!


Thank you all for your support over the years and I hope that you are just as excited for this new direction as I am!