Why I'm Creating a Spring Capsule Wardrobe


So I've never been the type of person that loves to shop all of the time. You would think that since I speak about style a lot on this blog that I would be swiping my card left and right. FALSE. I'm actually a very careful spender (boring I know) which has really forced me to hone in and develop my personal style. I like to describe my style as casual with a edge (LOL). Since having Amira and becoming a SAHM, I know that I can't even attempt to spend how I used to (which was never wild to begin with) so I've been considering creating a capsule wardrobe for spring. I'm also hating looking in my closet and saying "I have nothing to wear" while staring at a completely overfilled closet! My goal is to create a minimal wardrobe that consists of the best basics and a few interchangeable statement pieces that fit my personal style.

While this may not be the easiest endeavor that I've ever embarked on, I'm really excited for it. I'm very much into the "less is more" approach to life and I don't think you need a lot of clothing (or things) to be stylish. I wholeheartedly believe that you need a great mix of the RIGHT pieces that fit your body and lifestyle. So since I will be experimenting with a capsule wardrobe for spring, will absolutely start documenting this journey as I go along! 

What are the steps I'm taking to create my capsule?

Step 1: Clearing out my current closet

Nothing is more cumbersome than cleaning out your closet. I've walked into my closet so many times ready to start purging only to become overwhelmed minutes later and give up. However, it's time to tackle it and give myself at least a few hours to get it done. There are so many pieces that don't fit me, that I have attachments to, or pieces that I'm "saving" for that hypothetical event that isn't happening. I just want less. 

Step 2: Take inventory of what's left

After I legit rip through my closet I'm going to create a list of everything that I have. For example: 1 pair of boyfriend jeans, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 1 button down shirt, etc. This list will help me later down the line when I'm ready to start building my capsule

Step 3: Creating an inspiration board

I pin so much over on Pinterest and so I've started a board specifically for my Spring '18 capsule wardrobe. Follow me here! Once I feel like I've gathered enough inspiration I will pull out common themes, colors, and silhouettes and start building my shopping list! 

Step 4: Think about how I want my capsule to fit my lifestyle

My lifestyle is wildly different this year versus last year for obvious reason. So going through my old spring / summer clothing actually made me feel like I needed to purge everything. I want my wardrobe to work for me and my new needs especially since I'm a nursing mama. I definitely want to stay stylish and not create a full blown "mom friendly wardrobe" but I also want to stay practical!

Step 5: Shop till I drop, JK. Complete my capsule!

Now comes the fun part! Once I've successfully completed steps 1-4 I will start online shopping for the pieces I need to complete my capsule. I will absolutely share everything I put in my cart with you guys once the time comes!

Have you created a capsule collection? Leave a comment with your experience!