What I packed in my hospital bag

1. Cozy Robe | 2. Diaper Bag | 3. Nursing Tanks | 4. Nursing Cover | 5. PJS  | 6. Baby Outfit | 7. Good Camera | 8. Swaddle Blankets | 9. Slippers | 10. Car Seat | 11. Cozy Socks | 12. Makeup / Toiletry Bag | 13. Sound Machine | 14. Boppy | 15. Pacifier | 16. Nipple Balm | 17. Fridababy Fridet | 18. Earth Mama Bottom Spray

I'm not a planner by any means and when I go on trips I'm usually the person that packs the night before. So you can imagine that packing my hospital bag for BIRTH was a struggle for me. It honestly took me a few days to get this bag together and I created a pretty comprehensive checklist after comparing a bunch of lists I found on pinterest. Also, when I say hospital bag, I should clarify and write BAGS! Since we live about an hour from the hospital where I'm delivering I over prepared my bag like a crazy person, whoops! I've shared a few of the top essential items that I packed in my bags above and if you'd like my entire checklist, opt in for my email list below to get it straight to your inbox!