Vintage Shopping Tips Pt.2

Happy September 1st, It's a new month which means new possibilities! If you haven't read part one of my vintage shopping tips series, click here first. I started this series as a way to share key pieces to look for when shopping for vintage and some of the tips that I go by when shopping as well! I stumbled upon a quote recently (couldn't find the author) that pretty much sums how I feel about wearing vintage "Buying new clothes keeps things current, but adding vintage keeps things interesting", boom! This is what shopping for vintage is all about, adding those unexpected and interesting elements to your wardrobe. I hope these tips guide you in the right direction and make shopping for vintage easier and fun!

Dresses: Shopping for dresses to me isn't the easiest out of the bunch but worth spending your time on. I've found very great dresses and worn them on the blog hereherehere, and here. The same principle goes for shopping for dresses as shopping for tops (I mentioned in my previous post) be patient and open minded. Look for styles that have a modern feel to them and don't be afraid to tailor it to your liking. I've taken hems up and removed sleeves on dresses to achieve the look I wanted. However, always try on the item before buying. Sizing varies throughout each era so it's important to make sure you try a dress on first to make sure it fits! 

Vintage Denim: The amount of popularity surrounding vintage denim in the past year has grown tremendously! I've always gravitated towards vintage tops versus bottoms, but lately I'm starting to get my feet wet in the bottoms department. My collection of vintage denim tops has grown over the years! They are perfect for throwing over a dress or pairing with jeans for a chic Canadian tux look. As for vintage bottoms, I read some great tips over at Cupcakes and Cashmere regarding what to look for on a the tag of Levis. This helps with dating the item and making sure you're getting authentic vintage denim. 

Vintage Scarves: Such a small and simple item yet they always seem to be looked over the most! I live for vintage scarves, I have so many and they are perfect for tying on a bag or around your neck in a cool way! They definitely add a unique element to your look and give off an elegant parisian vibe. I look for silk scarves with interesting patterns and colors that will blend well with my closet!

Outerwear / Sweaters: I have found considerable luck when looking for vintage coats! Granted, they are usually more on the expensive side, especially if you're looking for fur or leather. I look for tweed coats like the one above that are still stylish but don't break the bank. I have vintage furs that have been passed down through the family, so luckily I haven't had to buy any. While I in no way shape or form purchase fur thats has been produced presently, I can appreciate these heirlooms. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect vintage leather jacket though, one of my goals this month! As for sweaters, never underestimate the men's section I've found so many comfy oversized sweaters there (especially this one)! Keep any eye out for any rips or holes in coats and sweaters. Some damage is fixable while others are not, use your judgement on what's worth salvaging. 

Hope you enjoyed these tips!
If you have any questions on shopping for vintage and need a little more guidance feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email! 

Photography: DAG