Vintage Shopping Tips Pt. 1

When shopping for vintage it's extremely easy to get overwhelmed and to just give up way before you've even started.

Some vintage boutiques have so much going on inside of them and it makes it so hard to navigate. I truly enjoy the thrill of the hunt, so it's easy for me to dive right in! However, I know that's not the case for everyone so I'm sharing my secrets to a successful vintage shopping trip in a two part series. It's all about finding these key pieces that will blend perfectly with your current wardrobe without looking like you've stepped out of a time machine!

Costume Jewelry: In my opinion, looking through jewelry first when shopping vintage is the least stressful since jewelry is the most apporachable. I always look for unique pieces that I've never see before like the bracelet, earrings and the bee pin above. I always check the item thoroughly before purchasing, making sure the clasps work, and there are no missing pieces. Jewelry was constructed so well back in the days, that's why these pieces have stood the test of time and are worth purchasing! 

Blouses & Tops: I really love finding beautiful tops when I'm out vintage shopping. I've sifted through racks and racks of vintage and sometimes only left with one or two items. The best advice I have is to have patience while looking and try to envision how you'd style a particular piece. Is it something that you can easily pair with jeans, a skirt, or trousers? If you have to think too hard about working it into your wardrobe, I would pass on it. I've made the mistake of buying beautiful unique tops just because they were one of a kind, but rarely wore them out. Also, don't pay too much attention to the size of vintage items since sizing then isn't the same as modern sizing now. If it's too big and you absolutely love it, bring it to your local tailor!

Vintage Bags: I have a severe weakness for vintage bags, they are just so unique and beautiful! I always look at the handbag section at vintage shops for bags that have a great design, structure, and hardware. Clutches are my favorite bags to pick up because they add so much character to a simple LBD. Always check the bags before purchasing for any holes in the lining, broken clasps, and disfunctional zippers.  

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Photography: DAG