The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Under $75


The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally open to the public! I really didn't want to add to the chaos by posting about it but you all requested I write a round-up of my favorite finds! I wanted to focus on picking products that were under $75 (most of these are actually under $50). I decided to chose under $75 because the posts that I've been looking at from my favorite bloggers feature CRAZY expensive pieces which is kind of annoying so I wanted to make my picks accessible. Not everyone can drop $200 on a sweater so for those ballin' on a budget like me, this post is for you! I spent quite a lot of time picking out options for you guys from a bunch of different categories, so I hope you find something that you love from the #Nsale!



Dresses + Jumpsuits 


Baby Girl 

Baby Boy

Accessoires, Home Decor, & Beauty