Style Hack: Wearing a Sweater over a Dress

Sweater: Lord & Taylor, Dress: Old Navy, Boots: Zara (Similar under $100), Crossbody: Forever 21

Standing in front of your closet completely dumbfounded on what to wear happens to ALL of us. Especially when it starts to get colder! It's so hard to not reach for the same comfy sweater and leggings every single day. So I wanted to share with you one of my favorite style hacks that I'm using lately to make even the oldest items in my closet look new again! 

Throw a Turtleneck over one of your dresses: It adds warmth, doesn't sacrifice comfort, and you're able to take some of your favorite dresses out of hiding!

Boom. It's such a simple concept and really helps you get more milage out of some of your dresses! I wore this dress back in August when it was so warm out. The black and white pattern is classic and are colors that can be worn during any season. So I layered on this comfy warm sweater right on top, with my favorite booties, cross body, and voila I'm ready to go! 

Bonus Hacks (…cause there is always more than one)

  • Layer a chambray or classic white shirt under your sweaters. It's an easy way make even your most boring sweaters seem much more interesting!
  • Tie a belt over one of your coats to add a chic edge!