Real Talk: Thoughts on becoming a Mother

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Since this week happens to be the week of Mother's day and my birthday week it has me thinking a lot about the next chapter in my life. Since becoming pregnant I've reflected a lot on my childhood and thought so much about what kind of mother I'm going to be. When I think about what It was like growing up, I sincerely get emotional because my parents gave my siblings and I the best childhood. Our adolescent years were filled with an abundance of love, the perfect amount of structure and discipline, family adventures, sprinkles of dysfunction and imperfection (the kind that four children tend to bring out), respect, encouragement, and trust (amongst so many other things I could list for days). While I know there is no handbook for parenting, I can't help but feel like my parents just got it right for us. This parenting formula they stumbled upon together was imperfectly perfect for our family and I have feared I won't have the same luck as they did.

Will I get this right? Am I really ready for this? All questions that have crossed my mind in these past six and a half months. I know deep down that these feelings are completely normal and healthy. Life changes so quickly and you don't always have the option to press the pause button to evaluate, you just keep pushing forward! I find strength knowing that I have the best role models in my corner to help cheer me on while I enter this season of motherhood. I'm as ready as I'll ever be and my growing belly reminds me everyday that this is happening and is very real. I know I won't get everything right or be the perfect mom but who on earth has it all together? My only plan is to pray and do the very best that I can for my child and my family every day. That's it!  

I found myself asking my parents the other day "Is this really weird for you that your child is having a child, does it trip you out at all?" and their answer was a resounding "YES!". This time 27 years ago my mom and dad were waiting for me (and my twin sister) to be born and now I'm here with my husband pregnant waiting for my child to be born! Life is a beautiful thing. I just hope that I'm lucky enough years down the line for my children to feel as blessed as I feel when they look back on their childhood.