Real Talk: Pregnancy, The Good & The Bad

As I head into my ninth month of pregnancy, I've been looking back on all that I've experienced up until now. Many of you probably know (or have heard) that being pregnant has its ups and definitely has its downs. For me, thankfully I've experienced more good than bad so overall I can't complain much. Real talk, being pregnant is an amazing journey and as I'm nearing the end I wanted to recap the good and the bad (cause making a baby aint easy)!

The Good 

  • Thankfully I've had a pretty easy pregnancy and have not experienced any crippling symptoms.
  • Keeping a workout regimen has helped me keep my weight gain to a minimum. 
  • I haven't had any complications thus far (knock on wood) only great results which I'm thankful to god for!
  • My VERY patient husband who has taken care of me my entire pregnancy.  
  • Everyone compliments you all the time and they are extra nice to you which is really sweet!
  • There is no better feeling than feeling your baby move! It's the craziest and most beautiful experience in the world. 
  • No stretch marks for me (yet) which is so awesome. 
  • My hair is growing and getting much longer (hallelujah)!
  • The support from my closest friends and family during my pregnancy has been wonderful for me. It can be somewhat isolating when you're going through a new life stage, however, all of the people who have texted / called to see how I'm feeling and just showed up to support me has made me feel like I can do this.

The Bad

  • Edema, aka my worst enemy this pregnancy. My feet, ankles, and hands have been swelling so much and it's just not cute at all. 
  • Acne, ugh.
  • Not being able to sleep on your stomach is really tough when all you've ever known in life was sleeping in that position. 
  • The weird comments you get from people about your pregnancy. I truly think that people loose their filter when it comes to speaking to pregnant women. I'll never forget some woman actually said to me "You're not 7 months pregnant, lift up your shirt and show me", UM NOPE. It's strange to me how people feel like they can comment on a woman's appearance when she's pregnant, let us live our lives, THANKS! 
  • The moms and dads who feel like they can just give out unsolicited advice to expecting parents, please don't. I know that you're practically a veteran but I don't want to hear a stranger lecture me about breastfeeding while I'm getting my nails done (this is a true story). I also don't want to hear about how little sleep you got your first month as a parent and what happens when your child hits the "terrible twos". How about you leave me alone and let me figure it out. If I wanted advice, I'd ask for it (end rant). 
  • I'm so so thirsty, I could probably drink GALLONS of water a day (no exaggeration). 
  • The linea negra just annoys me, I can't stand that super dark line down my belly. 
  • Using the bathroom 1,000 times a day IS ROUGH. I can barely take a sip of water without rushing to the bathroom.
  • Getting out of bed, bending down, or just about any daily task gets harder and harder.