Real Talk: My Pregnancy!


It's been a week since I announced my pregnancy on Instagram and I'm so thankful for the comments and well wishes you all left on the post! I'm excited to share this new chapter that I'm experiencing with my readers. So I've decided to start updating you all periodically on how my pregnancy is going so far! Keep reading below!

The basics...

Due Date: August 9th
How far along: 24 weeks!
Baby's Size: The baby is currently the size of a cantaloupe! (Am I the only one who thinks it's strange to compare a baby to food haha!?) 

Looking back at the first trimester...

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant: To be honest, completely shocked, nervous, and very overwhelmed since it wasn't necessarily planned. I questioned everything that first day and stressed myself out to the point where I had a mini panic attack (yikes)! Since then, I've completely chilled out and stayed focused on the fact that I have the best husband and such a supportive family to guide us through this journey. God has blessed us and It's something that we're very thankful for. 

First Trimester experience: Surprisingly a good one! I know a lot of women experience different things those first 12 weeks and I was thankful that my major symptoms were just extreme fatigue and some food aversions (I basically just survived on carbs). 

How did you tell family / friends?: Matthew and I decided to tell our parents immediately because there was absolutely no way I could wait until 12 weeks to tell them! We told our siblings shortly after and then the rest of our extended family and close friends at 12 weeks. We called everyone personally and decided together to stay away from social media announcements until much later in the pregnancy. Being a blogger you would think I'd share this exciting news so much sooner but I just felt more comfortable going about my daily routine without any spotlight. It felt right last weekend to share on social media so we decided together that we were ready!


Showing yet?: Friends and family have been saying that I "popped" this week! My belly has been relatively small thus far and I wear loose fitting clothes normally so a lot of people we're shocked to find out I was pregnant and even more shocked when they found out how far a long I am. However, baby is happy and healthy in there so that's all that matters to me!

Maternity Clothes: Haven't had to wear any maternity clothes just yet. I'm holding on to my last two fitting pairs of jeans for dear life haha. I have bought a few maternity items at Asos though to prepare for the last few months.

Stretch Marks: None! However, they do run in my family (which means that I'm more prone to getting them during pregnancy). I've been using this belly oil (obsessed) and this belly lotion. I also drink A LOT of water, exercise, and eat healthy to try and avoid unnecessary weight gain which can cause stretch marks. 

Pregnancy Diet: I try my very best (not perfect at all) to eat healthy and balanced meals Monday- Friday and allow myself to indulge on the weekends. It's not as easy as it seems to keep a healthy diet when you're pregnant since your cravings are so wacked out. However, I'm committed to fueling my body with the right foods and trying my best to avoid unnecessary weight gain (I'm 100% okay with gaining as much natural weight to keep my baby healthy). I'm also not perfect at my healthy diet at all, there are days when the cravings just call my name too strongly and I just give in hahaha. 

Biggest Cravings: Sweets! I've always been the person who prefers salty foods over sweet foods and this pregnancy has been the complete opposite. I crave ice cream, chocolate, cannolis, cookies, orange juice and candy all day! I try my best to curb my intense sweet tooth with fresh fruits whenever I can. 

Exercise: I've been exercising three times a week since week 10! I started working out to help alleviate the severe fatigue I was experiencing during my first trimester and haven't stopped since. Also, working out helps me to feel less guilty when I give into my sweet tooth cravings. My husband goes to the gym with me so it's nice that we've been motivating each other to have a healthier lifestyle for our little babe! 

How do you handle stress / motherhood anxieties: To be completely honest, I pray every single day and every moment when I feel a wave of anxiety coming on. My motherhood journey is in god's hands and it is not in mine so I'm thankful for every day my child is safe in my womb. I refuse to add pressure or stress myself out and try to be perfect, it's not realistic or healthy for me.

Baby Movement: So much movement at night! When I'm ready to sleep the baby is ready to party in there. 

Wedding rings on or off: On! I haven't had to take them off yet. 

Looking forward to: An extremely large glass of wine at the end of this pregnancy!