Real Talk: My BBG Fitness Journey So Far


So I've been sharing a lot on Instagram stories snaps of me post workout and when I say me I mean my sneakers HAHAH. I obviously cut my face out in ALL of these pics because it's not pretty by any means. About five weeks ago I decided to restart the wildly popular Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I actually started it around 7 weeks postpartum (back in October) but I stopped after 5 weeks because of a health issue that I needed to deal with. So after all was settled, my doctor recommended I make fitness a top priority so I decided to pick BBG back up and not look back. I've been so inspired by blogger (and mama of two) Rachel Parcell's incredible BBG transformation and it has been a huge motivation for me! It also helps that some of my other favorite bloggers like Sazan Hendrix and Courtney Shields are in the midst of BBG and sharing their journey on stories which is a daily reminder to get my ass up and get my workouts done! 

As many of you know, I worked out my entire pregnancy which was so helpful on so many levels! I was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight fast which I completely attribute to working out and eating healthy prior to delivery (not just breastfeeding)! So my motivation for working out isn't to "shed the baby weight" but really to build my strength up, tone up, and adopt a healthier lifestyle! I feel like after I had Amira I obviously wasn't sleeping and I would eat whatever was quick which 95% of the time was unhealthy food. I had no intention of falling off the wagon, but I mean who does? I'm motivated now more than ever to be holistically healthy not only for myself but for my family! 

So here is what I'm loving about BBG so far:

  • I love that this is a 12 week challenge program (with the option to complete 4 weeks of pre-training prior to the 12 weeks). I'm 6 weeks into the program (4 weeks pre-training completed and 2 weeks of the actual challenge).

  • The workouts are comprised of HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts 3x per week targeting different areas of the body and LISS (low intensity steady state) workouts 2-3x per week. LISS workouts can be walking on the treadmill, biking, or using the eliptical for 35-45 minutes. I love to use my LISS workouts as an opportunity to take the baby out for a nice long walk with our dog.

  • The workouts change up so you're never bored.

  • The HIIT workouts are 28 mins long so it's easy to accomplish from home which is perfect for new mamas.

  • You do not need unrealistic equipment in order to accomplish the workouts!

  • The workout moves aren't crazy but the structure of the workout is what makes it very challenging. You're doing a set for 7 minutes straight then moving onto the next set for 7 minutes and repeating each totaling 28 minutes. You can take up to a one minute break in between sets but in my opinion it's best to just keep it moving.

How my diet has changed since starting BBG:

  • I've added protein shakes into my day to day which I never did before. I've been using Orgain plant based protein powder and making a shake with it adding peanut butter, frozen bananas, and almond milk (YUM).

  • I eat way more protein than I've ever had in the past (at every single meal).

  • Most of my meals are low carb.

  • If I incorporate carbs into my meals I stick to whole grains like quinoa, bulgur, and brown rice. If I make a sandwich I'm using ezekiel bread and If I want pasta I use chick pea or whole wheat pasta! This isn't a huge departure from my previous diet at all, I'm just emphasizing this way more.

  • I stay away from processed foods and choose organic whenever I can (shopping at trader joes makes this so much easier for me).

  • I'm trying to break my chocolate addiction that started during pregnancy (I didn't crave chocolate before I got pregnant AT ALL). However, I'm not stressing out if I have a piece of chocolate, I need to live my life!!

  • I eat three big meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and I have two small snacks in between each meal. I'm actively working on eliminating my serious munching habit.

  • I'm cutting back on drinking wine during the week and trying to stick to weekends only!

  • I allow myself to cheat on the weekends but I'm not diving off into the deep end by any means.

Have you tried the BBG program? Leave a comment with your experience!