How I Edit My Instagram Photos


So recently I took to instagram stories and asked you all if you were interested in learning about how I edit my instagram photos. A LOT of you responded yes, so here I am spilling all of the details! Let me preface this post by saying that it took me SO MUCH trial an error to figure out an editing recipe that works for me. I used to be so bad at at editing and would get frustrated when my photos just didn't measure up to other accounts that I followed. So I was determined to figure it out because as a blogger or instagram influencer it's so important that your content stands out from the crowd. I really believe that spending the time sharpening your editing skills will really help you flourish if blogging is something you're into. If you're not a blogger and just want your photos to look better on the gram (no shame in that either) this post is for you too! 

This app is actually one of the first apps that I downloaded when I got serious about editing. VSCO has beautiful filters that you're able to purchase and that are a HUNDRED times better than the instagram filters. They also have editing features like exposure, contrast, straighten, crop, etc. that are a nice addition but I strictly use this app for filters only. Some of my favorite filters are A6, J6, HB1, HB2, S3. 

This is a great app that will help you fine tune your photo further after you add a filter to it. It has all of the editing features (and more) that are available in the instagram app and VSCO but they are A LOT better.  I use this app to brighten up my photo, add shadows, sharpen, decrease saturation, and play around with the curves of an image. I would say this app is a bit on the intermediate side in terms of editing level but it's not hard to figure out once you play around in it! Pick a random photo from your camera roll and practice!

Face tune is a really great tool but also one of those apps that if overused, it can really distort your images to a completely unrealistic representation (so be careful). I use Facetune primarily to whiten backgrounds since the walls in my apartment are beige and I just like how crispy a white background looks in my feed. However, I also use it to remove blemishes from a photo using the patch tool and to define certain aspects of a photo using the details tool. It also can be used to "shape" your body and "smooth" out your face which to me is OD and I stay away from that. I get why a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers gravitate towards this app because it can make you look incredible, but I use it VERY lightly!

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below!!