Overcoming My Breastfeeding Challenges With Lansinoh Helpline


Breastfeeding was always something I knew I wanted to do for my child after I gave birth. Before Amira was born, I naively thought that breastfeeding would be so easy and natural for the both of us. Little did I know how HARD it actually would be for me and how hard it is for many other women out there. Amira was having trouble latching on correctly so breastfeeding was extremely painful those first few weeks. The pain level was so bad that I would sob every single time I had to feed her and I felt so guilty that I couldn't just suck it up. In the hospital there were lactation consultants and nurses to help coach me through my breastfeeding struggles and help me achieve a moderate comfort level before I was discharged. However, when I got home I didn't have anyone to turn to when I hit new roadblocks and this is the case for many other new moms.

Thankfully Lansinoh developed their new service called the Lansinoh Helpline powered by Pacify. This feature on their app is a monthly subscription service that is a lifesaver for any new mom in need of help with their breastfeeding challenges. Their board certified lactation consultants help with anything from latching issues, supply, pumping questions, and much more! Best part is that their consultants are available 24/7, so when you're struggling in the middle of the night and need answers you can simply use the app (game changing)! 


I had the opportunity to use the Helpline app and ask the lactation consultant questions that I had with my own personal breastfeeding struggles. While on the video call with my consultant, she was so sweet and made me feel like no question I had was a dumb question. She helped answers some pumping questions I had and gave me tips for breastfeeding Amira with my overactive letdown. I know that my breastfeeding journey has just begun and there is so much more I have to learn as I continue down this path. I'm happy that I have the Lansinoh Helpline to continue to help me with any struggles I may face along the way! 

This post is sponsored by Lansinoh. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love and that make this blog possible!