Our Daily Schedule: 11 Month Update


It's been AWHILE since my last blog post and it's been even longer since I last talked about our daily schedule. Amira is now a whole 6 months older since I've last updated you and things have definitely changed! I remember naps being such a struggle for us back then, now we're in a completely different place with different challenges. It's crazy to think that I have an almost toddler on my hands! Here's how our schedule is looking like these days. 


  •  Morning workout: 6:00-6:30am (MWF)- I recently started switching my workouts to early in the morning so I can actually go to the gym instead of working out from home.
  • Amira's morning wake up: 7:00am (give or take 30 minutes) 
  • Nurse right after she wakes up: We're still exclusively breastfeeding at 11 months. I can't even believe I got this far but that's an entirely different post for another day! I plan on weaning when she hits 12 months.  
  • Activity: After she nurses I usually set her in our living room or on our island in her lobster high chair to play with toys while I make coffee, feed the dog, and make salads for my husband and I for lunch. After that's done I sit and play with her while stealing sips of coffee until it's time to eat breakfast. 
  • Breakfast: Amira is really into oatmeal or yogurt blended with fruit in the morning. I always chop up some fruit for her on the side to feed herself! She stopped baby food and started eating finger foods around 10 months. 
  • Playtime: After breakfast we're back to playing in the living room with her favorite toys. She's really into blocks, stacking toys, and her Vtech walker. I usually have music or a disney movie playing in the background, right now she's LOVING Coco. 
  • Nap #1: 10:00-12:00 - By this time she's ready for a nap and most of the time she lets me know this by yawning or being super fussy. There are times when she looks like she can stay awake for another hour or so but I start our nap routine three hours after she's been awake regardless. I change her diaper, draw the blackout curtains, put the sound machine on, sing her a quick lullaby, and lay her down in her crib awake (she puts herself to sleep). This nap is usually her longest of the day and I use all nap times to do consulting work


  • Awake: 12:00pm
  • Nursing session
  • Small snack: I've just recently started incorporating snack times in. Since we're getting closer to dropping nursing sessions, I want to make sure she has snack times set in place so it's not a huge shift. Also, homegirl has a huge appetite and can EAT haha!
  • Quick walk: I usually take time before lunch to go for a walk with her and our dog Zooey! Since it's been crazy hot outside we keep our early afternoon walks on the shorter side. 
  • Lunch: I like to give Amira a balanced lunch so it's usually a protein, fruit/ veggie, and a grain of some kind! She really loves chicken, a whole grain tortilla sliced up, and avocado!
  • Activity: Most of the time we run errands in the afternoon if I need to. If not, we're usually outside doing some type of activity since its summer (unless it's a rainy day). 
  • Nap #2: 3:00-4:00- I'm almost always working during this nap but if there is a house chore to do I try and sneak that in at some point here!


  • Awake: 4:00pm
  • Nursing session
  • Activity + Snack
  • Dinner: 6:00 (time varies every day)- We eat dinner as a family when Matt gets home from work! This is super important for us and has been really nice to sit down as a family these past few months. Amira has a version of whatever we're eating for dinner (I simply omit certain spices for her portion). 
  • Bedtime routine (bath, PJs, story time, and nursing session)
  • Bedtime 7:00 - Amira is put down awake for bedtime and puts herself to sleep. Currently, she's waking up once per night around 2am which isn't always easy but it could be worse. She slept through the night a few times last week which was AMAZING so we'll see if she'll start being more consistent with it (fingers crossed)!