Off Your Device, Into Your Life

Like most people my age, I have a really hard time organizing the hundreds of photos I've taken with my iPhone over the years. Apps like Instagram have helped this issue, but it has only allowed me to organize a small portion of the photos stuck in my camera roll. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about wanting to create more tangible albums instead of constantly picking up my phone or laptop to look at my memories. These thoughts started after I took on the task of curating our wedding album myself (saved a lot of money) instead of having my photographer do it for us! After searching the internet, I decided to go with Artifact Uprising when it came time to build the photo book album and I couldn't have been any happier with the end result. Now I look to Artifact Uprising for all of my photo curating needs!

For a limited time Artifact Uprising is offering their community a free (yes, you read this correctly FREE) 30 page instagram friendly book to help you get your photos off of your feeds and into print! With my book, I curated honeymoon photos that I've had stuck on my phone for over 6 months! Now I have the cutest book that friends and family can flip through.

Use the code: INF937L during checkout to get your Free 5x5 softcover 30 page photo book!
(offer is valid 4/3-4/10) 

Thank you Artifact Uprising for sponsoring this post!