My Current Skincare Routine


I’ll be honest, I’m fairly new to the skincare game. All of these fancy routines I’ve been seeing all over social media seriously overwhelm me. I’m a firm believer of caring for your skin, but I just never put much effort into researching brands and coming up with a full blown regimen. That’s until now. My postpartum skin has been the bane of my existence and it really forced me to get my act together. It was time to ditch the drug store face wash and $5 moisturizer for something a bit more grown up. Keep in mind I’m still in the beginning phase of this journey so here’s what I’m using now.

Ice Roller

Okay so there are SO MANY skin tools out there and I have yet to venture into that world yet. However, I do own an ice roller and I'm obsessed with rolling my face in the morning! It feels so good and decreases any puffiness on my face. 

Tula Purifying Cleanser

I shared on my Instagram story that my skin was STRUGGLING after I started using Tula's "Discovery Kit" products. I was really close to calling it quits with the entire line until Tula reached out to me and suggested I test a few products at a time instead of everything at once. Clearly I should have done that from the beginning (knowing I have sensitive skin) but I was too excited about trying this brand. I decided to take their advice and I stuck with their purifying cleanser. I've been loving it so far!  

Khiel’s toner

I've been using Khiel's products off and on for awhile and I always come back to their toner and moisturizer (currently ran out of it). 

Weleda Skin Food

This is a brand new product that I've added into my skincare routine and I LOVE IT. It's a all natural moisturizing cream that has multi-purpose uses. I personally love to use it as an overnight moisturizer!

Tula eye cream

I kept this Tula product in the rotation as well, lord knows this mama can use an eye cream and this one works so well!

My Skincare Goals

I really want to move all of my skincare and makeup products to clean brands (eventually). Lately, I've just been so turned off by the chemicals that are in beauty products and so it's a personal goal of mine to have a clean beauty routine from start to finish! I will keep you posted on my progress as I'm transitioning and I will of course share the brands that I'll be using.

What are some of your favorite beauty products? Leave a comment below!