Hurricane Maria Relief: 7 Ways to Help Aid Puerto Rico


The devastation on our beautiful island of Puerto Rico is so unbelievably sad and disheartening. My family like many others, is desperately trying to reach loved ones who we have not spoken to since right before the storm. Specifically, we've been trying to find and contact my grandfather who lives in a VERY remote area of Fajardo. We're doing all that we can to send a family member over to Puerto Rico to start our search for him and help as many others along the way. This island has suffered so much damage and has set Puerto Rico back decades. Unfortunately, due to the lack of power and loss of infastructure Puerto Rico is unable to ask for help so it's up to us to spread the word. I'm sure you all are aware of organizations that are helping out, but I wanted to share some here for those that are looking for ways to help. Click through the links for more information!

United for Puerto Rico


Go Fund Me

International Medical Corps


Save the Children

Hispanic Federation

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone trying to reach their family members in Puerto Rico.