How to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

So I never intended to not wear maternity clothes for the majority of my pregnancy. I was ready to fully embrace whatever option of clothing I had to in order to be comfortable! So I thought to myself "bring on the stretchy leggings and extra long tops" let's do this. However, I found myself just not liking any maternity clothes at all and I mean AT ALL. I feel like a lot of the maternity options out there for moms-to-be are either expensive, not cute, or a mix of both (sadly). So I decided to buy the maternity basics (will do a post on that later) and just buy regular clothing that fit my style and my bump! Below are my tips on what to look for when shopping your favorite stores and dealing with a growing bump at the same damn time. 

Opt for dresses, tops, and pants made with stretchy fabrics

This is a bit of a no-brainer but I mention it because most stretch maternity items are just replicas of regular clothing and slapped with the title "Maternity". So instead of giving into the heavier price tag, just purchase a regular stretchy knit item that will absolutely grow with you. I love this dress from H&M that I purchased in two colors and wore throughout my entire pregnancy!

Size up

If you fall in love with an item that is not made with form fitting fabric (like the one pictured here)  just size up. Also, please don't be discouraged that you have to size up. Always remember you're growing a new human inside your body! Sizing up gives your bump the room to grow and gives you the opportunity to wear something you're absolutely in love with!

Opt for loose fitting tops & Tunics

Loose fitting tops and tunics are extremely flattering on pregnant women. You can easily pair these tops with jeans, shorts, or leggings! Also, they give your bump some room to grow which allows you to use them for a long time!

Look for clothing that does not have structured slips or tanks built in

A lot of the non maternity dresses and tops I've purchased did not have a built in slip or tank top in them. These built in features really restrict movement and makes it so much harder to wear while pregnant. If you want the item to last for longer than a month or two, definitely opt out of purchasing a piece of clothing with built ins. 

Leave a comment with some of your favorite non maternity shopping tips!