How to layer your clothes like a pro

White shirt: Calvin Klein (Similar), Sweater: Forever 21 (Similar),  Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar here and here), Jacket: Nordstrom, Boots: Zara (Similar)

Even though we're currently experiencing record high temperatures in December I've been bracing myself for the inevitable drop. When it starts to get really cold out I absolutely rely on layers to keep myself warm. If I'm not somewhat layered up, I end up looking and feeling like an icicle frozen in place! While this type of styling comes natural to me, it's not easy for others and so I wanted to share with you some tips on how to layer like a pro this season!

Start with a fitted base layer
I always start with a fitted button up as my first layer. It's helps to add length and warmth but it does not add bulkiness. Many women feel that layering can make you appear larger than you actually are. However, when you start with a fitted piece it helps keep the layers closer to your body and compliments your figure!  

Next, add your favorite sweater
When I layer a sweater over my button up, I try to stick to crew necks. I love the way the collar peeks out perfectly on the neckline. Also, having the hem of the base layer visible helps add length and keeps the look proportional. My sweater is also a bit fitted as well which helps eliminate bulkiness. I wouldn't recommend using any oversized sweaters while layering! 

Finish layering your top half with a coat
You can absolutely use any kind of coat to finish off your layering. It so happened that I had the perfect black and white jacket to balance the color scheme in this outfit. 

Balancing the top layers with your bottom
I chose a leather mini skirt and tights for the bottom half of this look to balance out the layering on the top. I know this sounds a bit technical, but keeping the bottom as simple as possible and fitted helps streamline the look. Try to picture a full skirt or wide leg jeans as the bottom of this outfit, feels a bit much right? Not much of a skirt person, try finishing your look with skinny jeans!

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Photography: DAG