Holiday Gift Guide for New Moms

holiday gift guide for new moms-2.jpg

It's so hard to believe that Christmas is just 27 days away! Since becoming a new mom, I honestly find it so hard and slightly unnecessary to ask for Christmas gifts (even though I just birthed a human). I truly have about everything I could need and I'd rather watch my daughter her experience her first Christmas than to receive gifts! This clearly poses a bit of a challenge for anyone wanting to gift me or any new mom with a similar attitude anything. So I decided to come up with a gift guide for those new mamas in your life filled with cute and practical gifts that they would love (and use)!  

1. Cozy Robe - I basically live in a robe especially during these colder months and also because the idea of putting on a real outfit is just not an option. 

2. Diaper Backpack- Let's face it, diaper bags that look like purses are really cute but HEAVY as all hell. Especially when you have a car seat and other gear to carry too. A chic diaper backpack will help solve that problem and keep your friend looking good!

3. Baby Book- This baby book from Artifact Uprising is not your average baby book and is certainly not cheesy AT ALL. I actually received this as a gift and I'm so obsessed with the quality of this book (and the fact that it came with free prints!). It's no secret how much I love Artifact Uprising and this book doesn't disappoint.

4. Nursing Scarf- Nursing mamas always need a good nursing scarf and I love that this option converts into an infinity scarf!

5. Nursing Bras- Gifting a bra for Christmas might be the equivalent of gifting socks haha but I promise your new mama friend will appreciate this! I'm constantly adding new nursing bras to my shopping cart and could always use more!

6. Dry Shampoo Gift Set- If you think washing and blow drying your hair is a struggle to begin with...when you have a baby FORGET IT. I love the idea of this mini dry shampoo gift set that will help keep your hair feeling fresh in between washes!

7. WildBird Ring Sling- I LOVE my wildbird ring sling and with so many colors to choose from it makes the perfect gift! Your loved one will THANK YOU for freeing up her hands. 

8. Funny New Mom Wine Labels- Your new mama friend went 40 WEEKS WITHOUT WINE, I REPEAT 40 WEEKS. Make her return to wino town fun with these funny wine labels (don't forget the wine, obvs)!

9. Cozy "Madre" Sweatshirt- I spotted this sweatshirt on instagram and I think it's so cute! I spend a lot of my time in comfy clothes and I love the fact that this sweatshirt can be worn with jeans or leggings! Plus I'm half Spanish so the word "Madre" is extra cute to me. 
10. Nameplate necklace- So, I low key want this for Christmas (HI MATT)! I'm very sentimental when it comes to jewelry and any new mama would love to have her baby's name on a necklace. 

11. Fancy Candle- Because once the baby goes to bed, lighting a fancy ass candle and having a glass of wine is the ULTIMATE form of relaxation for any mom. 

12. Comfy Sneakers- No fuss sneakers are my go-to footwear option. Let me preface this by saying I NEVER USED TO WEAR SNEAKERS. Since becoming a mom, if I can't slip it on my feet quickly, I'm not wearing it! So gift your new mama friend a pretty pair of sneakers or slip ons, I promise she'll love it!