The dos and don'ts of shopping vintage

I recently shared on Instagram Stories a vintage shopping trip that I went on with my best friend (and cousin)! We had such a blast looking through clothing and finding really unique pieces to add to our closets. This shopping trip was a little bit different for us because we went to a vintage warehouse and not a regular shop which we've never experienced before! This particular warehouse is located in Hawthorne New Jersey and called Udelco ( go check it out if you’re in the area!). They have aisles of boxes with so many vintage pieces to sift through.

It’s kind of overwhelming at first, but once you start diving in you get so addicted to finding something! We both left with cool pieces and really enjoyed the experience. After that trip I was inspired to share with you guys a few do’s and don’ts of shopping vintage so you’re prepared whenever you go!

Do: Carefully inspect each item before buying.
Make sure you flip the garment inside out to check for holes and stains. You don't want to purchase something that's on its last leg, you want items that have stood the test of time.

Don’t: Buy something without trying it on.
Holding a piece of clothing up to your body and hoping it fits is not enough. Try it on! 

Do: Purchase items you can actually see yourself wearing
Look for items that have a bit of edge but that can fit into your modern wardrobe!

Don’t: Buy items that are too small on you or just buy it for the sake of buying! 
I've purchased vintage items that I've loved to death but have never worn. I just can't find a place for it in my everyday life and that's a waste! 

Do: take your time looking, digging, and searching for items.
Having patience is key when it comes to vintage shopping. Take your time looking and I garuntee that you will find some awesome gems!

Don’t: Simply browse!
You won't find all of the treasures of you just browse like your at the mall. You have to roll up your sleeves and dig in!

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