Diary of a First Time Mom: Our Daily Schedule!


A lot of you have been interested in what Amira's schedule / what my day looks like and I've finally had time to write this for you!

So I consider myself a very flexible Type B, go with the flow, and super laid back person. I don't necessarily thrive on rigid structure and scheduling, but I knew that I had to implement something when Amira was born. Matthew and I took a newborn sleep class (Taking Cara Babies, HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT) and we decided to implement her program as soon as we could. Babies require a lot of sleep and I wanted to make sure Amira was getting all the sleep that she needed from the beginning!

After Amira turned one month old, we started the nap / sleep program which advocates the E.A.S.Y. method which stands for "Eat", "Activity", "Sleep", "You Time". When Amira wakes up she's breastfed, she plays, and as soon as she shows signs of sleepiness we put her down for a nap. This essentially eliminates the association of nursing or eating to sleep which can sometimes cause issues later down the line with sleep (but not always!). We continue to use this scheduling structure to this day and I love the flexibility of it since her nap times vary! No two days are the same and we don't have exact set times for naps (she does take 3 a day) but here's a sample of what our  typical day looks like (when I'm not aboard the hot mess express)!

Our Daily Schedule at 5 Months 

Disclaimer: Amira usually wakes up for the day between 7:30-8:00am but for the purpose of this schedule lets say she woke up at 8:00am. Also, we made the decision as a family for me to not go back to my full-time corporate job so I can stay home and take care of our daughter (I will write a blog post on this soon!). So here's what our day looks like!

E.A.S.Y. Cycle 1

  • Morning wake up: 8:00am  
  • Feed: (Amira is exclusively breastfed still but is starting solids soon!) 8:00-8:15am
  • Activity: 8:15-10:00am
    • During her first "Activity" time of the day I usually put her in her Skip Hop activity center for a bit while I do my super fun morning routine of making breakfast, coffee, feeding the dog, and pumping. Depending on the day I have music playing in the background (sorry neighbors) or the movie Trolls since she loves listening to music. Then we do some tummy time together and play with toys on her play mat until she shows a sleep cue which is ALWAYS ferociously rubbing her eyes. She can now stay awake for 2 hours. 
  • Nap #1: 10:00-10:45am
    • Since her 4-month sleep regression her naps have been anywhere between 30-45 minutes which is HUGE departure from her 1-2 hour naps beforehand. We've tried to get her to nap longer but it hasn't worked out consistently. However, she does take a 1 hour nap each day but that's usually in the afternoon. 
    • During her first nap I usually try to get a workout and a quick shower in. I'm currently doing BBG which consists of 3 HIIT workouts a week that are 28 minutes long and 2 LISS workouts!

E.A.S.Y. Cycle 2

  • Awake: 10:45am
  • Feed: 10:45-11:00am
  • Activity: 11:00- 12:45pm
    • If I have errands to run, I typically do it during this time frame while traffic is the slowest. I live around A LOT of schools and busy roads so I don't like to run errands in the afternoon when traffic is WILD. 
  • Nap #2: 12:45-1:30pm
    • During her second nap I'm trying to squeeze some blog, shop, or freelance work in! I try to remain as present as I can with the baby during the day so I don't like to stare at my phone or laptop too much while I'm with her. I'm obviously not perfect at this but it's something I'm extremely mindful of. 


  • Awake: 1:30pm
  • Feed: 1:30-1:45pm
  • Activity: 1:45-3:30pm
    • During this activity time frame we do the usual play time for a bit (activity center / tummy time / reading a book). While she's playing in her activity center  I usually take this opportunity to prep dinner (or I'll babywear her if she's fussy)! Then we take our dog Zooey out for a nice walk and get some fresh air! 
  • Nap #3: 3:30- 4:30pm
    • During this last nap I either take a nap myself (depending on the day) or get some household chores done that I've been neglecting haha! 


  • Awake: 4:30pm
  • Feed: 4:30-4:45pm
  • Activity: 4:45- 6:15pm
    • During this activity timeframe we do our usual playtime routine but I tend to spend more time with her on her play mat to wear her out before bed! Matthew usually gets home from work around this time and takes over so I can get dinner finished!
  • Second Feed: 6:15-6:30pm
    • We used to give her a bottle to sleep, which became a sleep association problem at around 5 months. So we are very conscious about not allowing her to fall asleep during her nighttime bottle. I now I breastfeed her before we start our bedtime routine so she's full! We still give her a small "dessert" bottle before bed as part of her routine (eventually we'll drop this "before bed" bottle). 
  • Bedtime routine: 6:30-7:00pm
    • Amira's bedtime routine is bath, lotion, PJs, sleep sack, and very small warm bottle. 
    • Also, we still use a sound machine (for both naps and nighttime)!
  • Bedtime: 7:00 pm 
    • Amira goes down "drowsy but awake" in her crib (in her own room) and she sleeps until 2-3am, I feed her, then she's back to bed until 7:30-8:00. We recently completed a gentle sleep training method to correct some sleep association issues she had developed after her 4 month sleep regression. It wasn't easy by any means but after a few days she started sleeping like a CHAMP (I can write a blog post about this if you're interested let me know)! 
  • 7:00-10:00pm: ME TIME!!!!! WOO HOO! 

What does your day look like as a Mother? Share your scheduling / productivity tips in the comment section!