Diary of a First Time Mom: 15 Things I learned In The First Two Months

Sweater & Jeans:  c/o Tobi

Tearing up while writing this post because I can't even believe that it's been two months since Amira was born! These first few months proved to be so challenging and yet so rewarding. Every sleepless night, cry fest, and struggle that I've endured so far has been quickly wiped away by a smile or giggle from our precious girl. You truly forget every hardship during these newborn months because it's all worth it for the happiness of your child. So I wanted to share with you all the 15 things I've learned in the first few months of becoming a mother! 

What I've Learned:

1. Your world changes INSTANTLY and is filled with extreme emotions, good days, and bad days. 

2. It's so important to take time to heal your body and not to obsess over loosing the baby weight overnight. 

3. Obsessing over germs is totally normal. Your guests don't think you're crazy for wanting them to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before touching the baby!

4. Leaving the house with the baby can be SUPER stressful the first few times. Take it at your own pace and don't let anyone make you feel like you have to tour town with your baby before you're ready.

5. Establishing healthy sleep habits at birth (i.e. swaddling, laying flat in a bassinet, and utilizing a sound machine) will help set you up for success when introducing a sleep routine after the first month. Amira sleeps eight hours straight now at eight weeks old (knock on wood)! 

6. Unfortunately what they say is true, sleep was non-existent the first month but it got better!

8. Breastfeeding is really hard work but once your baby starts to gain weight (and little rolls) it makes all of the exhaustion, destroyed nips, and pumping sessions worth it! (p.s. breastfeeding gets better after the first month so don't quit, trust me)

9. There is a lot of "winging it". I always have to remember that no first time parent knows what they are doing AT ALL. 

10. Parenting is a team effort with your significant other and it's important to cheer each other on daily. There will be times of frustration but it's important to remember that you're in it together, always. 

11. Having your husband or significant other establish his own daily routine with the baby is necessary for bonding and helps gives you a break (Matt gives the baby a bottle at night and puts her to sleep)!

12. Small trips to the nail salon, target, or the grocery store alone feels incredible. Whereas before the baby it was NBD. 

13. It's tempting to stay in sweat pants and a bare face every single day but getting yourself together a few times a week will help you feel like yourself (and not a full blown zombie).

14. You don't really need all of the baby gear you thought you needed before you had your baby. (See this post for what we use)

15. You'll apologize to your mother for rolling your eyes every time she told you that "you'll only understand her worries when you become a mother" growing up.