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The art of Flea Market Haggling

Let me start this post off with a little story about how I completely failed at haggling recently at a flea market. It was so bad even my boyfriend laughed and said I needed to write a post about it. Bruised ego…check! Typically I'm very good at negotiating down prices but I met my match that day, this woman wasn't having it. I tried to haggle down a few dollars but she stuck so rigidly to her price and was not budging to save her life! So I'm writing this post to you in hopes that this doesn't happen to you ever, or at least not often!

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Layering with vintage necklaces

I love to layer necklaces; it’s a great way to give all of your favorite pieces a time to shine. There are so many great jewelry companies like Gorjana and Jennifer Zuener that in my opinion have spearheaded the layering trend. While their jewelry is daintier than most, you can still achieve a great layering look with heavier necklaces. Look at Dylanlex for example; this brand creates monster work of art necklaces that are literally the most amazing things I've ever seen! I wish I could afford to drop $700+ on a necklace right now, but that’s not happening anytime soon. So it’s time to get creative!

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Flea Market Shopping Tips

A perfect Sunday to me is spending some time at the flea market early in the morning. I have way too much fun browsing isle by isle looking at all of the antique items that are for sale. It’s awesome to see what people have on their tables; you can find everything from old army memorabilia to collectable cameras. It’s the perfect place to go to shop without breaking the bank and to get some inspiration! Of course there are always a few tips that can help you shop better at a flea market and I’ve listed them below!

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