Behind the Boutique: Meek

For this next installment of Behind the Boutique, I've interviewed Kelly who is the owner of Meek! I stumbled upon this shop while scrolling through instagram and I fell in love with their aesthetic. This beautifully curated shop is based in Denver, CO and is filled with gorgeous vintage and modern finds. Continue to read our interview below!

Can you give a brief introduction of you and your shop?

My name is Kelly Meeks and I am the owner of MEEK. I started selling on Instagram two years ago, alongside my daughter Emma. Things took off and MEEK evolved into a brick and mortar boutique in Denver. We sell both vintage and modern items, including housewares, clothing, accessories, apothecary, plants and more. We are known for our selection of vintage denim as well as our textiles. MEEK's style is definitely influenced by the Southwest, a nod to our AZ roots. We also really love 1960s-70s California style and incorporate it throughout the store.

How did you get into selling vintage clothing?

I have a long history and love affair with vintage. It all evolved very organically. I grew up buying most of my clothing from secondhand stores, because I wanted name brand stuff like Guess and Calvin Klein, but my parents couldn’t afford it. In the 90s I was really into the grunge and punk scene, and I began hitting up thrift stores for different reasons. I was always looking for cool and unusual clothes, as a way of expressing myself. I was no longer hunting down name brands, I wanted vintage, band tees, flannels and uniforms. As I grew up, I got married, had a few kids and worked as a make up artist. About 10 years ago my love for vintage was rekindled. I started thrifting more frequently and I would find things that were so amazing, but not for me. I couldn’t pass the item up, so  I would buy it and sell it on ebay or etsy. So for the last 10 years I have been selling online, but this is my first time owning and operating a brick and mortar!

What is your process for acquiring vintage clothing?

We get asked this question pretty much everyday! We source our products from all over the place! Literally! Emma and I take buying trips, where we road trip for days at a time, combining different cities and states for cool items that fit our shop vibe. We hit up thrift stores, antique stores, and even other vintage shops. We also have pickers that bring items to us and people that contact us for private buys. A lot of time and thought goes into selecting every item. We try to keep things very curated and easy to shop. I feel like we keep getting pickier, which is both good and bad. Makes it more challenging to keep a full store!   

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What does an average day look like for you as a business owner? What are the rewards / challenges?

I usually wake up, grab coffee and go straight to my lap top to check my calendar, return emails and make my to-do list for the day. No two days are exactly alike. I do a little bit of everything. I source vintage, clean and repair items, merchandise, find new artists and set up accounts, ship items, style photoshoots, take photos, manage social media, work the desk at the shop. The list goes on and on! There is ALWAYS alot to do when you own your own business. Luckily I have Emma who helps out a lot, as well as a few shop gals that work at the Denver store and give me more flexibility in my schedule. One of the rewards is being able to do what I love every single day. I could work a 70 hour week and not even mind, because I am so passionate about what I do. Also, I love all the people I meet regularly through this business. We have the most amazing customers!

One of the biggest challenges for me is trying not being too hard on myself. I am a perfectionist and rarely content with my business. I am always thinking and dreaming of how I can improve things. Sometimes my thoughts go to the negative side and I need to pause and express gratitude that I am able to do what I love everyday. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, which is never a good idea! Emma blames it on me being a virgo, haha, but honestly she is just as critical and we can either inspire each other or bring each other down. We are working on that too!

What is your favorite era for vintage clothing?

Thats a hard question! I really love and appreciate the beautiful details of true vintage. Edwardian makes my heart melt, but I also really love the 60’s and 70’s. But one thing I have realized is no matter the era, I tend to be more drawn to neutral colors and high quality fabrics.

What are your 3 favorite pieces on the site right now?

Unfortunately we do not have very many items listed on our website. It is a slow work in progress. We do have some gorgeous vintage wedding dresses on our website, that people can check out! We hope to be listing more vintage items soon, but for now, we recommend  following along on IG and letting us know if you see something you like! We ship worldwide.

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