Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

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So if you didn't already know by now, we're having a GIRL! I've mentioned this in a few of my pregnancy updates but didn't do a dedicated gender reveal post (my bad). With that being said, one of the major challenges for me was coming up with ideas for our baby girl's nursery. I've been scouring Pinterest (what else is knew) looking for inspiration and design elements that really speak to me. I definitely don't want the room to feel overly girly or babyish. In fact I really want the nursery to be more on the gender neutral side, modern, chic, and grey with pops of muted pinks. Since we rent our apartment, we have some limitations which is never easy but It's currently work in progress. I hope to reveal the finish product on the blog soon! Until then, I've shared photos that have been on my Pinterest board and nursery decor items to shop that I've had my eye on!