Amira's Birth Story


“Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever. Passing through these powerful gates – in her own way- remembering all the generations of women who walk with her…she is never alone” – Suzanne Arms


It's been exactly one month since the love of our lives was born (time flies!) and since I've shared with you all so many milestones in my life, I'd love to tell you about Amira's birth story!

On August 6th three days before my due date, I started to experience lower back pain that came out of nowhere. I didn't have any back pain during my entire pregnancy so I figured something was up when it started happening. I kind of brushed it off though and figured that since I was so close to my due date that my body was just getting itself ready for labor. The next day the back pain was still there but came and went all day and I couldn't decide if it was something to be concerned about (so I ignored it, ha!). However, towards the end of the night before bed the pain got a bit worse so I had my husband get our bags for the hospital ready to go, I started to feel like something was about to go down REAL SOON. 

The next morning I woke up with no back pain (at this point I was utterly confused) so I just went along with my morning as usual. My mother in law came to visit us for breakfast and I just remember feeling extremely out of it. I couldn't focus on the conversation that well, I wasn't really interested in eating that much, and overall I just felt BLEH. Thirty minutes after my mother in law left our apartment, I got up to walk to the bathroom and instantly felt a small gush of fluid (TMI sorry!!) and it stopped me in my tracks. I thought for a second, "did my water just break?". It wasn't enough to convince me that I was in labor so of course I googled around a bit and decided to ignore it since I had a doctor's appointment the next morning. My husband and I had plans to get out of the house and run errands so we just got in the car to go. However, I still couldn't stop talking about what I just experienced so he convinced me to just call my doctor's office and ask them what I should do. So I called the office, and they said they wanted us to head over to labor and delivery since it sounded like I could have broken my water. 

At this point I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and anxiety! The labor symptoms that I was experiencing were not even remotely what I thought it would be like and so I wasn't confident that it was happening! We live about an hour from where we were delivering so I was convinced they would tell me I wasn't in active labor and we would get sent back home. As we're driving to the hospital I started to feel very minor contractions and changed my tune really quick! Once we got to labor and delivery I got checked by a nurse in a triage room and was told I was 4cm dilated and my contractions were about 7 minutes apart so I got admitted to the hospital. 

Once we got situated into the delivery room it was pretty much a waiting game from there. My mom met us after we got admitted and it was the three of us hanging and waiting for baby (the rest of our family had to wait in the waiting room)! My doctor came in to check me and let me know that I did not break my water I just "ruptured it" so he went ahead and broke it for me. Well, that was interesting to say the least haha! After that, I started to feel contractions like CRAZY, whatever I thought I was feeling before was nothing in comparison to these. I definitely wanted an epidural but I was scared to get it too early and it would fade or I would miss my opportunity to get it. Its up to you to request the epidural, no one will tell you when to get it so I was constantly debating when I should give the green light.

Once the contraction pain got to about a level 8 (yes, I'm even shocked I got that far on the pain scale) I just went ahead and requested the epidural. Let me tell you, I've never been so scared in my life when the anesthesiologist came in to perform the procedure. Yes, you read that correctly PROCEDURE! My naive self thought it would be a quick shot and end of story but nope, it was an actual 30 minute process that scared me so bad. My mom had to leave the room, my husband was told he had to sit down, and I just had a nurse holding me and coaching me through it. Looking back, it didn't necessarily hurt but the anticipation, possible side effects, and fact that there was a needle going to my spine just made me unravel after it was all done. I think I cried for a solid 30 minutes when it was over because I barely moved or breathed while it was happening and my emotions just exploded afterwards. However, in hindsight BEST. DECISION. EVER.

Fast forward a bit, after the epidural my contractions were a bit all over the place for awhile and my doctor had to administer pitocin to get them on a 2-3 minute a part rhythm. There was a chance I would have to get a c-section if my body couldn't get on a proper cadence and I didn't dilate further. My doctor gave it until about 4am and if nothing progressed we would discuss other measures (cue freakout mode). However, a few hours later once I started to feel intense contractions / pressure through my epidural I started to realize that my body was ready to do something. So once my doctor came in to check me at about 4:30am he told me I progressed and was ready to push THANK GOD! So at 5am once everything was set to go, I had my mother on one side and my husband on the other side of me and I was ready! I pushed for about one hour and at 6:04am on August 9th Ms. Amira Kate Haddad joined us in the world (on her due date)! 

Nothing could have prepared me for the flood of emotions that followed once my baby girl was laid on my chest. I cried so hard and was just so in love with this precious baby girl who I finally got to meet after nine months of carrying her. My husband was in awe and was so happy that all of the hours he put in talking to my belly throughout my pregnancy paid off. Once he spoke to Amira while she was on my chest she literally turned her head and looked right at her daddy (brought us to even more tears). Our lives are now forever changed by this wonderful blessing from god and we're so excited to enter our new chapter of parenthood. 

Thank you to all for the well wishes and warm welcomes for baby Amira!