5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials I Can't Live Without

There have been a few rare days this winter season when I have been able to give my winter coat a bit of a break. I love wearing my faux leather jacket whenever I can because I love the edgy vibes it gives off. In this look, layered a very warm sweater underneath the jacket and added a few more of my favorite winter staples that I can't seem to live without this season!

Today I wanted to share with you the 5 winter wardrobe essentials I can't live with out. They've kept me warm and stylish throughout this season and have been my closet favorites for years and years!

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials I Can't Live Without:

1. Infinity Scarf: I have a few infinity scarfs but keep coming back to this one from H&M (Similar option) . It love to layer it over my coats for extra warmth or to add as an extra accessory to an outfit!

2. Faux Leather Jacket: This jacket from Lulus has to been my favorite faux leather jacket I've owned to date. I'm able to easily layer under it and I can wear it in just about any season!

3. Puffer Jacket: There's probably no way I could get through the winter without a good puffer jacket. My everyday jacket (not pictured here) is from Michael Kors. I've had it for years and it's stood the test of time!

4. Tights: A good pair of tights is definitely your best friend during the winter months. If I'm feeling extra cold I'll layer a pair under my jeans! I'm not big on wearing dresses or skirts in the winter, but tights would help keep those legs warm if I was wearing either!

5. Boots: You guys have seen me wear this pair of boots here, here, and here. I just can't quite get enough of them! A solid pair of black boots is a MUST have during the winter. The heel on this pair from Call it Spring is so comfortable that I just can't stop wearing them. 

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