5 Tips On How To Stay Productive and Get Sh*t Done

I used to say " I don't have time" so much before I became a mother and now I really DON'T HAVE TIME. However, what I do have is so many goals that I want to achieve for myself so I don't make lack of time an excuse to not get sh*t done. Please understand that my productivity is not perfect at all and sometimes getting things done means another area of life is messy but its PROGRESS. If at the end of the day you can say to yourself "I did my best" that's all that really matters! Here are 5 tips on how to stay productive and get sh*t done no matter what stage of life your'e in!

Make Lists, seriously!

I NEVER used to make lists for anything. I had this uncanny ability to just remember everything I had to do and then execute it ASAP. Well, that changed immediately after I had Amira. I feel like my brain went to mush and I just couldn't remember ANYTHING. I literally would find myself walking into the kitchen for something and think to myself "why am I here again?". So I started making to-do lists in my iPhone Notes app and as soon as I thought of something I wrote it down immediately. What's great is now they have this little bubble you can add to your list that allows you to "check" off an action item once complete! 

Prioritize everything

I prioritize just about everything on my list of to-dos and I think it's so important to do especially if you have a child. There are so many things I can only do while Amira is napping vs awake and so my lists are usually based around that! I create my lists from most important to least important.

Block your schedule

If you're anything like me and get overwhelmed with the amount of sh*t you have to do then blocking out your week will be very helpful. I run this blog, my shop, and I'm a SAHM so to say my days are busy is an understatement. I've found that designating certain days of the week for certain tasks helps TREMENDOUSLY. Trying to get everything done in one day just burns me out so this method has helped me stay on track and completely increased my productivity. I only have a few hours daily to work on this blog and my shop (I utilize nap time so I can stay as present as possible with Amira) so it's important that I have a schedule. 

Eliminate Digital Distractions

Fun fact: I do not watch TV during the day or reality TV at all. I'll never forget something my older brother told me years ago when I was at the height of my Bravo and Kardashian addiction. He said "You know by sitting here and watching this you're making them money right?" and THIS BOTHERED ME SO MUCH. I had so many ideas of things that I wanted to do but I would just park myself in front of the tv after work or on the weekends and I was completely wasting time and loosing out on opportunity. So I've fully eliminated that distraction during the day. Don't get me wrong I love me some Netflix but I save that for right before bed as a treat to myself. Whatever your digital distraction is (whether it's TV, Facebook, or Instagram) try to reduce it dramatically to increase your productivity! 


Outsource or Ask for Help where needed

I have the superwoman complex where I feel like I can do everything for everyone but in reality I can't. I can't be a perfect mom, wife, with a perfectly clean house, cooking a perfect dinner, and running two businesses seamlessly. So what do you do when you realize you're dropping all of the plates instead of balancing them? Outsource or ask for help where you can! We recently decided to hire a cleaning company to come in a deep clean our apartment periodically which I know will help us TREMENDOUSLY. Whether it's childcare, cleaning, or cooking there are so many resources, family, or friends out there to ease some of the stress and help you out. 


How do you stay productive? Leave a comment below!