5 Tips for Taking Great iPhone Photos of your Children

I get so many compliments about the photos I take of Amira and many of you think that I use a professional camera for all of these photos. SURPRISE 99.9% of the time I'm using my iPhone 6s to shoot pictures of Amira and anything else I post on Instagram! I do own a DSLR camera and I use it very rarely to shoot photos of her because I'm usually capturing quick photos in the moment. I use my DSLR camera when I'm taking a family portrait or more formal photos of her for holidays! So for all you parents out there, you can ABSOLUTELY take great photos of your children without a fancy camera and here are my 5 tips for doing so!

1. Lighting- This is the most important tip out of all 5! If you want a crisp and clear photo of your child shoot with natural light ALWAYS. Open up the blinds in your home or head outside to capture your photo. This tip will take your photos from okay to GREAT immediately.

2. Be Quick - What I've learned about capturing photos of Amira is that I need to be really fast because she gets distracted VERY quickly. If I see her doing something cute I set my iPhone camera to "burst" mode so I'm capturing a bunch of photos at once. This helps me get at least one great picture out of the bunch! 

3. Don't Force It- Sometimes you REALLY want your child to smile or pose a certain way for a photo but they are just not in the mood. I've learned that forcing it just ends up with a not so great image 99% of the time. My best piece of advice is to pick a time when they are in the best mood which for us is in the morning or right after a nap/feeding! 

4. Use What You Have- You do not need any fancy set ups or props for taking photos of your children. Utilize your home and surroundings to take great images! Also, if you don't have anyone to take a photo of you and your babe use selfie mode, self timer, or a full length mirror! I have SO MANY photos of me and Amira in our full length mirror because when my husband is working I don't have anyone to take our photo. 

5. Editing- I've written a post about how I edit my iPhone photos (here) and I usually use the same steps when editing pictures of Amira. You absolutely do not need to do any of this to your photos to have a great image. However, I do think VSCO is a great app for filters and it really makes your photos look professional! Play around with photo editing apps to find a formula that works for you! My favorites are VSCO and Snapseed!