5 Maternity Fashion Rules You Should Break

Top: Asos Maternity, Vest: Primark, Jeans: Asos Maternity (Similar), Mules: Forever 21 (Similar), Bag: Coach 

Rules are meant to be broken, am I right? There's nothing worse than reading a list of style rules that are meant to "help you look your best" but instead leaves you feeling frustrated. I've read a few of these lists lately in regards to maternity style and just rolled my eyes out of complete annoyance. There are no rules to personal style no matter what anyone tries to tell you, thats the reason why it's personal. However, I do believe that everyone woman has silhouettes, colors, and trends that look the best on her! It's all about working with what you got and putting your best foot forward every day (the same applies to maternity style). So I wanted to write a post about certain maternity rules that I've come across and how to effectively break these rules! 

#1: You should alter your style while pregnant

Um absolutely not. I don't believe you need to alter your personal style while pregnant or adopt a complete different "maternity appropriate" way of dressing. If anything, it's important to continue to keep your personal style in tact so you feel more of yourself even though your body is changing. I love looser fitting clothing and I didn't stop wearing it or completely change to body hugging clothing because I was pregnant. 

#2: You should never wear heels during your pregnancy

I've heard this a lot because I'm constantly wearing heels. To be clear, I've been wearing these harmless 2 inch heels which are nothing crazy at all! It's very much a personal preference but I wasn't about to stop wearing my cute shoes because I'm pregnant #sorrynotsorry.

#3: Ditch the jeans 

I'll keep this simple, you do not have to stop wearing jeans whether they are your pre-pregancny favorites or newly purchase maternity jeans. I loved wearing my jeans for as long as I could before giving in and buying two pairs of maternity jeans. Since my pregnancy took place in the winter, spring, and summer months, I've relied on jeans a lot!

#4: Only wear dark colors and form fitting styles

As you can tell from the photos in this post, this rule is easily broken! Don't get me wrong, I've worn a lot of black and form fitted styles during my pregnancy but you're absolutely not limited to just that. I love experimenting with flowy maternity tops and boyfriend jeans since these pieces speak to my pre-pregnancy personal style. Also, lighter colors (especially in the summer) are extremely flattering, especially on a pregnant woman!

#5: Don't layer your clothes, it makes you look larger

I think layering in moderation can look great when you're pregnant! I've been wearing vests (pictured in this post and here), cardigans, and faux leather jackets all throughout my pregnancy. I think it helps take an outfit from just okay to perfect very fast! 

What are some of your favorite maternity fashion rules to break? Leave a comment below!