5 Classic Pieces you need in your closet

Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar) // White Shirt: Abercrombie // Boyfriend Jeans: Cotton-On // Flats: Forever 21 (Similar) // Clutch: Vintage

Don't you hate reading articles that are titled "10 pieces you need in your closet" and then come to discover they are suggesting outrageous items that you don't actually need? Well I do, and it frustrates me to no end! Gee thanks magazine xyz for suggesting an absurd pair of heels and a fur coat that I don't even need or can afford (lol)! Thankfully, this isn't that type of article or blog post. I'm a practical dresser and I typically rotate these five pieces multiple times during the week. I'm even wearing all five in this outfit! Together they work just perfectly and individually they make any outfit chic!

Black Jacket

A black leather jacket or moto jacket is necessary in any person's closet! It can be worn with jeans or even over a dress. Perfect for day and night! 

White Shirt

A crisp white shirt is a great layering tool and is even great when worn on its own. During the fall I like to layer my white button up shirts with sweaters and under a jackets like this! 

Leather Jacket and Boyfriend Jeans 5.jpg

Boyfriend Jeans

If you've been following Labels and Vintage for a while you've clearly seen how much I wear boyfriend jeans. There are so many days when I just don't want to wiggle myself into a pair of skinny jeans. So boyfriend jeans have been the perfect solution for me. They are flattering and versatile. I love pairing them with converse for quick errands or booties for date night! 


So I'm pretty tall, 5'7" to be exact. I love wearing heels but I have to have a few pairs of flats. Main reason is that I hate towering over people in heels and my feet last less than an hour in them! Whether they are ballet or loafer style, everyone needs a pair of flats! They can still make any outfit dressy but completely comfortable. Win win!


Have you ever brought your handbag (filled with god knows what) out with you and you completely regretted it? Yup, I've been there. Even though I think I need all of the things I stuff in my purse when I go out, I really don't. Clutches are able to hold everything you need for your night out. I always find unique and affordable options when I shop vintage!

Photography: DAG