5 Books I Plan on Reading


I used to love reading books so much that I’m shocked I even stopped. I remember going to Barns & Noble with my best friend back in high school to hangout, buy books, and gossip over coffee at Starbucks. We had the same taste in genres and would swap books after we finished reading all of the time. This was obviously before screens took over our lives and life was much simpler! Somewhere between college and entering the real world I slowly gave up reading, which is really sad. Recently I got inspired to pick up a book after seeing a few of my favorite bloggers share what they were reading on Instagram Stories. I just remember listening to them talk about how much they love reading and it inspired me to go pick up a book. There is nothing like getting lost in a good book so I wanted to share with you all my current reading list!

  1. Influencer- I actually recently finished this book and it is AMAZING! If you are an influencer, want to be one, or just simply curious about this career path I suggest you pick this up.

  2. The Couple Next Door- Currently reading this book

  3. The Wife Between Us

  4. When Life Gives You Lululemons

  5. The Good Daughter

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What are some of your favorite books? Leave a comment below!

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