34 Week Update

It's that time again for a pregnancy update! These past few weeks since my last update flew by since I've been super busy with my baby shower and life in general. I say this every post but it's still crazy to me how I'm already at 34 weeks, feels like yesterday I was just celebrating hitting the halfway mark! Keep reading below for this week's update. 

Pregnancy Update

How far along: 34 Weeks

Baby’s Size: Butternut Squash (17.7 Inches, 4.63 lbs)

How many days to go: 40 Days

Total Weight Gain So Far: 24 lbs (My personal goal for my entire pregnancy was 25lbs but looks like I'll pass that soon #OhWell)

Stretch marks?: Still no stretch marks! Hallelujah!

I’m Feeling: Slower! My feet constantly remind me when it's time to rest but I find myself still having a hard time taking it easy. These past few weeks have been busy with my baby shower and now getting the nursery together (on top of work and more events) that it's been tough to just chill out. I'm starting to enter nesting mode and I really want to have as much together as I can before the baby arrives!

Missing anything: My normal foot size. My feet have just been swelling on and off lately and it's really annoying. Of course I'm stubborn and still rock my little midi heels to work. I can't help myself! I'm also missing the days when people don't stay weird sh*t to you because you're pregnant. It's the strangest thing to me how people loose their filter once they are in front of a pregnant person. Actually drives me insane (will definitely write a post on this)! 

Movement: TONS! I've totally gotten used to the baby constantly kicking me. At first it was an adjustment because it's strange to see your belly move like that, but now it's my new normal! 

Food Cravings Lately: Nothing out of the ordinary! I'm still trying to keep it relatively healthy but I do like my Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream at night.

Currently living in: Anything stretchy! 

Belly Button In or out: Definitely out!

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off at night always! On the weekends when I'm home I make sure to keep them off all day. 

Happy or Moody: Happy! My hormones seemed to have chilled out (for now). Don't get me wrong, I still have my good days and bad days but it's a lot better then a few months ago! 

Looking forward to: Finishing up the baby's nursery and starting my maternity leave in a few weeks!