32 Week Update

We're now at 32 weeks, wow I still can't believe it! This past weekend my husband and I took a childbirth class that made this all  VERY real haha! The countdown is definitely on and we can't wait to meet our little babe. Keep reading below for a 32 week pregnancy update!

Pregnancy Update

How far along: 32 Weeks (third trimester!)

Baby’s Size: Yellow Squash (16.6 Inches, 3.75 lbs)

How many days to go: 57 Days

Total Weight Gain So Far: 22 lbs

Stretch marks?: No update here! Thankfully haven’t seen any pop up at all. Continuing a high water intake, exercising, and using lotion / oil daily!

I’m Feeling: I’m very lucky that I’ve felt really great during this pregnancy. However, I’ve noticed that I’m starting to slow down quite a bit and I do get tired much faster lately. Other than that, at 32 weeks I feel better than I thought I would and I truly attribute that to exercise and eating relatively healthy. 

Missing anything: Since the weather is starting to get VERY nice I’m missing a nice cocktail by the pool and bathing suits that fit! I’m not the type that feels very empowered by being pregnant in a bathing suit, it’s just super weird for me. I found a few one pieces that are really cute and comfortable (like this one) but I’m not rushing to my apartment pool to show it off anytime soon haha.

Movement: The baby is doing some serious acrobatics in there every single day. I can actually see the baby moving from the outside which is really crazy!

Food Cravings Lately: No serious cravings except I’m really into fresh fruit like watermelon, grapefruit, pineapple, raspberries, and I’m still eating applesauce daily! I think because my thirst level is out of control, I’m gravitating towards fruits with high water content.

Currently living in: Dresses! Since it’s seriously heating up, I can’t even look at jeans right now. 

Belly Button In or out: Officially out!

Wedding Rings On or Off: Off at night! I used to sleep with my rings on but I noticed most of the swelling that happens in my hands comes about overnight. This past weekend I battled getting my rings off one morning and it scared me because it was really really hard to do. So no more overnight wearing! 

Happy or Moody: A mix of both! Trying to relax more though and not trying to be super woman and do everything all of the time. I’m happier when I’m resting or relaxing and not running a ton of errands (I’m sure that goes for everyone haha)!

Looking forward to: My baby shower!