30 Week Update

Pregnancy Update!

Time has been flying by so so fast lately! I honestly can't believe I'm at 30 weeks pregnant already. It's crazy that in less than 10 weeks we'll get to meet our little munchkin. Keep reading below for a pregnancy update! 

How far along: 30 Weeks (third trimester!) 

Baby’s Size: Zucchini (15.7 Inches, 2.8 lbs)

How many days to go: 70 Days

Total Weight Gain So Far: 20 lbs (crazy!)

Stretch marks?: Nope none still! I'm continuing to drink a lot of water, exercising, and using lotion / oil all day! I ran out of bio oil recently so I started using just plain old coconut oil from Trader Joe's! 

I’m Feeling: Overall I'm still feeling really great! We had a heat wave a few weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram stories you saw how gigantic and swollen my feet were. It was so uncomfortable and makes me super nervous about summer (which is right around the corner)! Ice packs and keeping my feel elevated really helped to bring all of that swelling down. Other than that I've been starting to get a bit more tired which is a reminder for me to try and take it easy even though I may feel like I can do it all. 

Missing anything: The days when "how are you feeling" wasn't an question I had to answer on a daily basis haha. I think it's' super sweet when friends, family, and colleagues ask, but I'm running out of interesting things to say. I feel like a broken record! 

Movement: Woah a ton of movement to the point where sometimes it is kind of uncomfortable, but I wouldn't trade those karate jabs for anything! 

Food Cravings Lately: Still battling my daily sweets cravings, they have been more manageable lately though. However, I still can't pass up the opportunity to have dessert after dinner. I NEVER used to care about sweets after dinner, I now live for it. My favorite dessert lately has been cannolis and if you live in central New Jersey do yourself a favor and go here for some damn good cannolis.

Currently living in: My maternity jeans from Asos & H&M! (will be writing a post about maternity jeans this week) 

Belly Button In or out: It's still in but if I eat too much it flips out hahahaha (cringe!) 

Happy or Moody: Definitely starting to experience third trimester mood swings. It's frustrating that I can't control them but I've been learning to take it easy and I try to relax as much as possible.

Looking forward to: Our baby moon this week!