What to Expect From AlexandriaHaddad.com This Year


Woah guys. It has been AWHILE since I last posted. To be quite honest with you, I had a moment where I needed to take a time out from blogging and social media. Since taking on social media consulting and content creating for clients, I noticed I was getting burnt out creatively. After giving my clients my ALL, I simply didn’t have enough juice left in me to pour into my own blog.

After months of trying to successfully juggle my new business, being a work from home mom, and trying blog at the same time I quickly realized something had to give. Being a full time blogger for me was never my end goal- owning my own business and being my own boss ALWAYS was. That’s not to say that I couldn’t achieve that by simply being a blogger but this path just isn’t sustainable for me. It’s really hard to be “ON” all the time and having to share so much to complete strangers. It’s even HARDER to sustain income on sponsorships with the amount of influencers out there right now.

So I recently decided to pivot and make big changes to my website that reflect my new business. I will always keep a blog component on this website as a way to connect with all of you who have been on this journey with me from the BEGINNING. I love genuinely sharing my life experiences with you all and plan to continue to do so but at a more manageable pace. I mean let’s be REAL, how many of you actually go to your favorite blogs on the DAILY? Yeah I know, not often.

So here is what you can expect from AlexandriaHaddad.com in 2019:

  1. MORE newsletters- This is a big change. I have an email list but never really knew what to do with it! So I’ve decided to send out weekly newsletters packed with amazing content similar to what you are used to seeing on the blog but BETTER.

  2. More video on IGTV - I used to be against creating videos because it made me feel so self conscious. However, with the few IGTV videos that I’ve put out in the past, I realized that I actually enjoy it! So you’ll be seeing more.

  3. Same amount of content on instagram but packed with more VALUE - I love sharing my lifestyle and behind the scenes with you on instagram but I always want to make sure I’m giving you a lot of value when I do so.

  4. Adding social media, blogging, & business tips to my content offerings- You guys requested it in a recent Instagram poll, so I will deliver!

  5. Digital products / E-books FILLED with valuable content- I’ve been toying with the idea of creating e-books PACKED with great content. So 2019 will be the year I launch one!

  6. LESS SPONSORED POSTS- It will actually be RARE for me to post any sponsored content on my blog or instagram in the next six months at LEAST. I really want to take a HUGE step back from that because for me, the amount of effort it takes to create a sponsored post is not worth the reward. Also, I want to cultivate a space that you guys can go and NOT be sold to. If there is anything I’m selling on my Instagram, it’s my services and that’s it.

Thanks so much for the continued to support really excited for this year!