My 5 Favorite Baby Apps

My 5 Favorite Baby Apps 2018.JPG

There is an app for anything and everything these days. I’m so glad I live in the technological era because I swear some of these baby apps have saved my sanity. Especially as a new mother (when you’re so overwhelmed by everything) a simple app can help so much in many different ways. I restrained myself from downloading too many apps, but there are five baby apps that are my absolute favorite and I listed them below!

The Wonder Weeks

Have you ever heard someone talk about a “leap” and were like WTF are they talking about? Well leaps are a part of The Wonder Weeks program! This app is a personalized weekly calendar of your child’s mental development that keeps you informed about the leaps and fussy phases of your baby. It’s tailored specifically to your baby’s due date and lets you know when you’re child is going through developmental milestones and educates you on what that “leap” means for your child. This helps you A LOT when you’re in those moments of “what is going on with my child”. More likely than not they are going through a new leap and this app gives you the information to help navigate it easily.

What To Expect

What to Expect is an app that I downloaded the second I found out I was pregnant and It has helped me so much (I still use it now). I love how it grows with you and gives you great advice and information about pregnancy, newborns, and toddlers. I think my favorite part of this app is the community forums. You can join a group specific to the month of your baby’s due date (I joined August 2017 babies) and you can receive support form mothers in the same stage as you. There are also specific groups like single mothers, babies with acid reflux, sleep training, etc that you can join as well. While, I’ve never posted in a forum and to be honest sometimes people post wild stuff haha I do find it really helpful to read!

Owlet Baby Care

Amira has been wearing her Owlet monitor since her first night home and I really love this product (I talk a lot about my review of the Owlet itself in this post). I love the Owlet app because it’s free and you’re able to monitor your child’s heartrate, oxygen levels, receive notifications, and turn the product on/off! They have another app called Owlet Connected Care (isn’t free) and this gives you more in depth analytics on your child’s sleeping trends. The Smart Sock 2 tracks all of this information and you can access it in the Connected Care app which is awesome.


When I was breastfeeding Amira I used the MammaBaby app to help me stay on track with feeds and to time her nursing sessions! I also used the sleeping portion of this app to track the timing of Amira’s naps and awake times. What I love about MammaBaby is that you’re able to see how much time has passed since your child last fed and woke up from their nap which is a GOD SEND.

Hatch Baby Rest

Amira uses the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine and I think the app is what makes this product amazing! I love that you’re able to control sounds, the nightlight, set timers, set favorites, and turn the Hatch Rest on / off all through their app.

What are some of your favorite baby apps? Leave a comment below!