7 Things That Are Still Not Back To Normal 10 Months Postpartum


A lot of people talk so much about "bouncing back" after having a baby and it is so much more than just getting your body in shape. My life was completely changed after I had Amira in so many different ways. I thought that a lot of the changes would go back to normal after a few months but some things just haven't yet. I've since learned to make peace with it and to trust that everything will work itself out in time! Motherhood is not perfect at all no matter what we see on social media and I love keeping it real with you guys. So here are the 7 things that are still not back to normal for me at 10 month postpartum. 

My Skin

I used to have such clear skin before I got pregnant and it just completely took a turn for the worse. I thought after having Amira it would get better but it just hasn't yet and it drives me INSANE. I wish I was more diligent about finding a skincare routine that would have helped turn things around earlier on. I recently bought the Tula skincare discovery kit after reading so many awesome reviews, fingers crossed it helps! 


I don't sleep well at all STILL. Amira wakes up once (sometimes twice) a night at very random times so there is no predictability to it at all. Sometimes I wish I had a baby that slept through the night and other times I LOVE the moments when I get to go into her room to cuddle her for a few minutes. I keep telling myself it could be worse and that it's truly not going to last long. 

My memory

If I don't write it down. It's forgotten. There is no middle ground here haha mom brain is super real. I have lists for everything you could possibly think of and I swear by them!

My Career

This time last year I was working in a corporate office and loving working full time. My priorities have since shifted DRAMATICALLY and I just have no desire to head back into the corporate world right now. I love being home with my daughter (which is a job in and of itself lol) and I'm thankful that I have the ability to do that! I still have a desire to work in some capacity and so I've recently picked up consulting and freelance work. However, my drive to get a traditional corporate job isn't where I thought it would be by now and that's because my heart is home with my baby.

Belly Button

I'm super jealous of anyone who's belly button didn't take a turn for the worse after pregnancy. This sounds so silly but my belly button just doesn't look the same at ALL! Thankfully since I started working out I've noticed it's tightening up and my skin is retaining some of it's elasticity. It's still not cute though.

Linea NIgra

My linea nigra WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! I've used exfoliating scrubs, lemon juice, lotions, you name it and it's still hanging out. I've heard that once you stop nursing it goes away but regardless I didn't think it would still be visible at ten months postpartum. 

Our Home

Pre-pregancny I had so many hopes and dreams of perfect organization and beautiful decor in our apartment but that ship has since sailed. Our apartment hasn't turned into a complete train wreck because we're neat freaks but it's nowhere near where it was or where we want it to be. I just don't have the time or energy to create the gallery wall I wanted or search for the perfect console table that's missing from our hallway. I saw a meme on instagram recently that said "It's either me, my kids, or the house that looks good. It can't be all three at once" SO TRUE for me right now.