Diary of a First Time Mom: Swaddling


I recently added a poll to one of my Instagram stories about swaddling and wanted to see if you guys were interested in our experience with it. Well you ALL definitely wanted me to share more about the swaddles we used and how we eventually transitioned Amira out of swaddling so I figured I'd make a blog post! 

So let me start by explaining (for those that don't know)  that swaddling is essentially wrapping a baby up in garment / cloth to help them feel secure after being born. It helps to resemble the mother's womb, soothes your baby, and keeps your baby from waking themselves up due to the moro / startle reflex they are born with! I'm sure you all have seen cute pictures of babies looking like mini burritos haha well that's swaddling!

What swaddle we used:

Amira was swaddled since the day she was born until about 5 1/2 months old (I know, long time). First we started with the hospital blankets and just wrapped her up in that for the first few days before we got home! She would literally Houdini herself out of it so quickly though so we knew that blanket swaddling just wasn't going to cut it for us. 

Thankfully, before I delivered we ordered the Ollie Swaddle which was recommended to us through a newborn sleep class we took (that I always talk about lol). I'm not going to lie, Amira wasn't obsessed with being swaddled at first, but the class encouraged us to stick it out because babies sleep much better when they are swaddled. After a few days in the Ollie swaddle she started loving it and we never looked back!

Transitioning out of the swaddle:

So this is where our story of swaddling bliss comes to a screeching halt. After she hit her 4 month sleep regression she started fighting her swaddle BAD. Obviously we knew that it might be time to transition her out but after failed attempts of quitting swaddling cold turkey we realized she couldn't sleep without it. So I googled around I decided to start working on transitioning her out of the swaddle one arm out at a time during naps. It worked pretty well during the day but once we tried night time it was an epic fail (thankfully she couldn't roll from her back to her stomach yet). I think at one point we were pretty convinced that Amira would be swaddled for her entire life haha.

So this is where I started to get desperate and decide to buy a TON of transitional swaddles praying that one would work LOL. I bought the Love to Dream 50/50, Zipadee Zip, Swaddle Me, and the Halo SleepSack Swaddle. After trial and error we landed on the Halo SleepSack Swaddle since it mimicked a wearable blanket (that we wanted her to eventually wear) and it had the ability to wrap her arms similar to the Ollie. We wrapped her arms in at night and continued to work on transition her arms out during the day.

Well, one night while we were watching her on the baby monitor, Amira rolled from her back to her front with her arms SWADDLED IN and that was the end of swaddling for us. THANK GOD we were watching her and were able to flip her over in a matter of seconds. She wasn't rolling during the day so we were shocked when she did it randomly at night! Her crib mattress is fully breathable and she wears her owlet monitor but it still was really scary. So we un-swaddled her arms from that day forward in the Halo SleepSack Swaddle and eventually we moved on to using an Aden + Anais muslin wearable blanket

What was your experience like with swaddling? Leave a comment below!

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