7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Babymoon

Ritz-Carlton Toronto

Ritz-Carlton Toronto

My husband and I recently went on a mini trip or "babymoon" to Toronto, Canada! It was such a nice long weekend and we enjoyed the time to just hang out with each other, splurge on dinner, and get massages. I recommend that everyone take babymoons if they can to connect with each other before your lives change. Whether it's a quick trip for some R&R or a longer more thought out vacation, I've shared 7 tips to help you plan the perfect babymoon!

Time it right

The second trimester is the best time to travel on a babymoon! Not only do you have a more energy, you are in the best time frame to travel on flights. Most airlines restrict travel after 36 weeks (for obvious reasons), so plan your trip way before then!


Choose your destination

Start doing your research on the perfect destination for your babymoon. Ask yourself if you want it to be domestic or international? Do you want to take a long weekend or an entire week? Do you want it to be adventurous or relaxing? I looked at a lot of blog articles and trip advisor reviews before making the choice to go to Toronto!


Check restrictions

Unfortunately the Zika Virus is something that all pregnant women need to be mindful of when traveling during their pregnancies. I was dreaming of an island babymoon, but that dream got cut short when I started researching Zika free islands (hint: there aren't that many at all). Some of you are much braver than I am, but to be on the safe side my husband and I decided that the islands and Florida were a no for us. However, please do you research prior to travel and figure out what your comfortable with and what works for you! 


Limit travel time

Being mindful of your travel time is important when you're expecting. If something happens and you realize you're a 10 hour flight (or drive) from home, that might not be the most ideal situation. I'm not saying don't go to Rome if that's what your heart is set on, but really consider the worst case scenario if you were to be that far away. It might put your mind at ease if you're a lot closer to home god forbid you start to experience anything out of the ordinary during your travel.


Let your OB know

I let my OB know when I was traveling and where I was traveling to so we could get the green light from her. It was important for me to feel confident about traveling and getting my doctor's seal of approval really helped. Even though we weren't traveling too far, we wanted to make sure she was looped in just in case!


Research the availability of medical care

This is important, if you're traveling to another country or even simply to another state, do a quick google search on nearby hospitals JUST IN CASE. It sounds a bit neurotic but being prepared is better than scrambling when something serious happens. Unfortunately everything in life is pretty unpredictable so being prepared with the knowledge of nearby medical care will help you and your significant other feel more at ease. 


Tell everyone you’re expecting

Now to the fun part! Just like a honeymoon, you should share that you're expecting! Sometimes resorts and hotels have special perks for moms and dads to be! It's an exciting time in your life that should be celebrated and shared!