How to Balance Blogging and A Full Time Job


Real Talk...

This week I wanted to talk about a topic that I get asked about constantly, how I juggle blogging and working a full time job. I started blogging as a hobby back in 2013 and I've slowly but surely built it to what it is today. I'd love to continue to grow Labels and Vintage to the point where it is my full time job, however, until then here is how I've juggled working a full time job and running a blog!


Blogging is such a saturated field these days that It can be really hard to focus on what you want to write about. I have days where I have so many ideas and I have days where I can barely think of something to write! Since time is limited when you're working a full-time job, it really boils down to being focused and staying true to your blog's mission and trying your best to keep the distractions at bay (i.e other blogs or topics that don't fit into what you've created). For example, Labels and Vintage is a fashion, vintage, and lifestyle blog that bridges the gap between the modern and the timeless. I won't start writing about fitness 24/7 because that's not what the blog's intention is. Staying focused keeps you and your blog on track!


Scheduling is a necessary evil. I'm not that great at it but I've had to change that in order to get the results out of my blog that I've wanted. I've started planning my blog content about out a month out which has helped me tremendously with hitting my weekly posting goals. I used to say "I'll post three times this week" but I never planned a single thing out in advance and I ended up not posting anything (epic fail). Scheduling is so important when you work full time because you have ZERO time to do things while you're working. I like to pride myself on putting my best foot forward, so once I walk into my office I turn blogging mode off so I can excel at my day job. I don't have time to write up an instagram post, twitter post, or Facebook post so scheduling is KEY. 

Here are the tools I use to plan my content : Hootsuite, Planoly, & Squarespace blog app!

Time Management

Time management is one of those things that if you're not a natural at it, it takes tons of practice to achieve! I've had to work at managing my time between blogging, working full-time, and my own personal time. I realized that I'm not good at starting a week without scheduling because it always affected the way I managed my time. You can't have a successful blog these days without planning and managing your time effectively, it's just not feasible. So now I get up early to shoot with my photographer before work, I utilize my lunch break for social media engagement, and I carve out an hour after work each day to continue working on the blog. I also use Sunday evenings to write content so my week isn't too full with writing. Managing your time helps you stay in the present moment with your loved ones during the week!


My dedication to Labels and Vintage has really kept me going and has given me the motivation to blog consistently. At the end of the day, I really enjoy blogging and that's what fuels me! I truly want to build a space where readers come to be inspired so it's a no brainer for me stay focused, schedule, and manage my time! I always want to bring the most quality content to you all and I hope that I'm doing just that!