How to wear vintage: Sweaters

Sweater: Vintage, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: old (similar), Bag: Vintage, Hat: Uniqlo (similar

I'm prone to getting chilly very easily, for others it might seem strange to wear a sweater in the summer but to me its 100% normal. In my defense, the sweaters I typically wear are light weight or open knit, so nothing too crazy! This vintage Ralph Lauren sweater has been in my closet for years now! I had given it to my sister who borrowed it so much from me it practically became hers, but I took it back just because I need something simple and comfy to wear. 

Tip no. 6  Roll up the sleeves of a quality vintage sweater during the summer and pair it with a novelty short to elevate it!

Styling a vintage sweater isn't the most difficult task of the bunch but in the summer it can get a bit tricky. Simply cuff the sleeves and push those bad boys back to 3/4 length so you can utilize your favorite comfy long sleeve all year round. Stay within the season by pairing it with your favorite novelty shorts, a panama hat, and simple sandals. Wearing vintage can seriously be an effortless task, and at least you'll be able to walk in a room and know that no one else is wearing what you are!

How do you like to wear sweaters in the summer? Leave a comment and let's discuss!