5 Vintage Essentials for home decor

{ Vintage Bar Cart }

To my surprise, the most popular board on the blog's Pinterest happens to be vintage decor. While I'm by no means an expert on interior design, I love the idea of incorporating vintage pieces into contemporary spaces. An awesome upside is that no one can walk into your home and say they have the same piece of furniture as you! I mean don't get me wrong, I would love to buy everything from Restoration Hardware. Since the majority of us can't (without going into financial ruin), It's important to get creative and have an open mind if you like this kind of aesthetic! 

There are many different vintage pieces that you can incorporate into your home decorating, however, I believe that these five are a great place to start.

1. Bar carts (seen above) have become more and more popular lately, I've seen a lot of blogs write about how to style your bar cart etc. I think if you're an entertainer at heart, a beautiful vintage bar cart would work the best in your space! The older the bar cart is the more ornate and beautiful they are. They are a bit of an investment piece but if you have a good eye and patience you can score one at an awesome price!



{ Vintage Cabinet }

2. Vintage cabinets with visible wear from their age can be really beautiful in a home. I'm not a fan of painting over anything that's vintage. I think vintage furniture should stay in their natural state. Styling the cabinet with a great lamp and coffee table books does the trick to elevate the piece.

{ Vintage Trunk for Storage }

3. Vintage trunks are great to use for storage. Personally, I use mine for shoe storage. It's perfect to store out of season shoes inside and display a few of your in season shoes on top of it! 


{ Vintage Mirrors }

4. Vintage mirrors can make for a really beautiful wall display. I love the idea of buying a few different mirrors at flea markets and arranging them on your wall in an original way.

{ Vintage Chair

5. Vintage chairs have the ability to add great character to a simple desk or a hallway. Besides it's basic functionally, ornate vintage chairs make for a great talking piece!


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