Hunted Finds: Western Frills

Vintage Blouse: Vintage Revenge, Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar), Heels: Forever 21, Bag: Vintage

While in South Florida a few weeks ago, I had to squeeze in a vintage shopping session. You could drop me in any state or town and I'm always determined to find vintage boutiques. I can't help it! You never know what you can find in another area apart from your home town, and believe me there are always great gems! So, I picked up this 1960s western blouse, which at first glance on a hanger looks very intimidating. Once I picked it up to take a better look at it, my mind when straight to Chanel Pre-Fall 2014. The feminine frilly detail on the blouse was what got me to buy it. Western influences are definitely making a come back so I figured I could for sure style this shirt somehow and make it relevant. So I decided to go for a casual look with it this past weekend. I paired it with a longer blouse underneath, my favorite (very over worn) ripped jeans, vintage bag, and sling back heels. My philosophy on buying vintage tops is to buy it now and play around with styling later, keep it fun and budget friendly!