Hunted Finds: Precious Metals

Vintage Tunic via Mill Crest Vintage 

So I've decided to revive a series that I started a long time ago called "The Hunted Find".  I'm always visiting vintage boutiques, flea markets, and thrift stores in search for a unique piece. The goal of the series is to share with you some of the special vintage pieces that I have purchased along the way! This 1970s metallic tunic happens to be one of my most expensive vintage purchases to date but was more than worth it in the end. The metallic detail, silhouette, and print of the tunic make it timeless in my opinion. I feel as though I can wear this piece 10 years from now and not feel dated. Sometimes find myself imagining how the owners before me styled the pieces I now own. I can picture someone wearing this dress with dramatic winged eyeliner, a beehive hairdo, and platform shoes (very Edie Sedgwick-esque). While I may never know, it's great to have the ability to give these pieces (especially this dress) a new chapter!