Behind the Boutique: Sweet and Spark

I'm really excited about our next Behind the Boutique interview! Jillian Bremer (along with her father) founded the lovely online vintage boutique Sweet and Spark. I became a fan of her site when I stumbled upon it on twitter! She has curated her shop, with beautiful and quality vintage costume jewelry from a wide variety of eras. I was able to catch up with Jillian an ask her a few questions about how she got started.

L&V: Tell us a little bit about Sweet and Spark? Where did the name come from?

Jillian: Sweet & Spark started as a lifestyle blog in 2011 as a break from life on the road as an apparel buyer. When the brand I was working for closed, I decided to take some time off and found myself back at yard sales & flea markets with my dad, like I did as a kid, for the first time again in twenty years. I was amazed at the quality and style of vintage costume jewelry and was puzzled as to why there wasn't a brand dedicated to making vintage jewelry cool again. So I re-launched Sweet & Spark late in 2012 as a curated vintage jewelry brand with my dad as head buyer! We're doing the dirty work for you and you can follow our hunt (#sparkhuntin') on Instagram @sweetnspark. Most everything we sell is under $100! 

Since we span decades, there’s always something for everyone. Find your something sweet and then spark a friend. There’s no better way than to give a one-of-a-kind gift. We believe that life is all about being happy and paying it forward.


L&V: What does an average day look like for you as a business owner? What are the rewards / challenges?

Jillian: There is no average day! As a business owner, you become a master of all trades. My work week is spent on a variety of different tasks, from sparkhuntin’ to curating new collections, coordinating/directing photo shoots, answering customer emails, shipping orders and long story short, you have to embrace that your to-do list will never be complete.The early mornings are when I get the most done. I try to focus on the hard tasks first because I know the days are always filled with a lot of multi-tasking.

The fact that you never know exactly what the day will bring never gets old. Anything can happen J The most challenging part is keeping it a priority to not overbook yourself so that you have the space to continue to come up with new ideas. 

L&V: What shaped your interest in vintage?

Jillian: Jewelry is the best way to add your own personality to seasonal trends! Without my dad’s knowledge, I was overwhelmed by the world of vintage but once I learned the ropes, I’ve been fascinated with the quality every since.

Everything we sell is one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage from the 40s-90s. The quality of vintage jewelry and detailing is unlike today's fashion jewelry. In a world of mass consumption, vintage jewelry is something to treasure forever and will stand up to the test of time. It does not tarnish easily as they used to triple plate the finishes. Also, you'll notice that the weight of each piece is substantially heavier. Jewelry manufacturers today have a hard time producing the delicate details that are unique to vintage, like safety chains on bracelets, etching on chains and heavy clasps on necklaces.

L&V: What are your 3 favorite pieces on the site right now?

Jillian: I’m a sucker for bold gold statement pieces, especially earrings. .01 .02 .03 

Be sure to check out Sweet and Spark online!

photos via   sweet and spark

photos via sweet and spark

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